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Men's Wardrobe Consulting

Wardrobe Consulting Service

- What does this service include?

Superb guidelines on how to refresh and upgrade your wardrobe from an experienced image consultant. Follow the image consultant’s directions on how to do a closet purge to keep the clothing and accessories that will enhance your style, get rid of the ones that are in bad condition or not fit you anymore and shop high-quality clothes that are missing in your wardrobe. Complete your wardrobe with custom-tailored clothing.

Jen's Wardrobe Consulting Service
Jen Performing Wardrobe Consultation

- Why do men need a wardrobe consultant?

Keep your closet well-built and organized to wear appropriate and stylish outfits every day. Find the right clothing in a fast and efficient way. Learn how to distribute and clean your closet in order to maintain it polished and neat. Find out which are the appropriate garments that you need in your wardrobe to look your best for every occasion.

- Who can opt for this service?

Entrepreneurs, executive managers, CEOs, businessmen and professionals, especially men in their 30-40s, who want to polish up their looks.

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Wardrobe Consulting Process


Step 1

Make a reservation for a wardrobe consultation with Style Konsult and evaluate your wardrobe together.

Step 2

Listen attentively to what the image consultant explains about how to clean, organize, update and rebuild your wardrobe.

Step 3

Try on the new and custom-tailored clothing that the image consultant selects to incorporate to your closet.

Step 4

Get familiar with every new item, understand their importance and remember how to properly upgrade your wardrobe so you keep doing it in the future.

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Schedule a wardrobe consultation to get the best selection of high-end clothes and build a stylish, well-fitting and elegant wardrobe.

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