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Why Choose Style Konsult Services?

Style Konsult’s services help men become a better version of themselves by following the expert advice of our image consultant on fashion, styling, grooming routines, lifestyle and etiquette. Improve your appearance and style as well as your communication skills and behavior. Develop a strong and influential presence to boost both your personal and professional images. Stay confident and stylish to reach all your goals.

  • Get Personalized Style and Lifestyle Solutions
  • Stay Stylish and Boost your Confidence
  • Redefine your Image & Career
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Become A Better Version Of Yourself


Hear It From Our Clients

“Jen is nice and friendly. She gave a lot of advice on finding your unique style. I am never into much style and she gave very practical advice that you can follow easily.”
“Having this increased sense of confidence was really good for my own confidence levels and being able to achieve my own professional and personal goals.”
“Jen was great! Provided a lot of advice and insight for someone like me who has little to zero knowledge of these topics.”
“Very engaging! Greatly appreciated all the extra time she spent with me. Did some shoes shopping! Personable, knowledgeable and fun!”

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Men's Personal Styling Services

Jen providing Image Consulting Service to Client

Boost your self-esteem and become the best version of yourself with a complete makeover that matches your personality and lifestyle. Improve your image from head to toe and learn about proper styling, behavior and communication to be a confident and elegant man.

Personal Shopping Service

Make the most of your potential by building a stylish wardrobe filled with the essentials without spending your own time and effort. Discover which colors suit you and which garments match your character to look your best and feel comfortable.

Jen's Wardrobe Consulting Service

Refresh and update your wardrobe with well-fitting and suitable clothing for every season. We will clean your closet for you and add all the stylish items that you need to look polished. Our image consultant will show you how to mix and match the pieces so you style yourself neatly.

Grooming Consultation Service

Develop personalized self-care routines to achieve glowing skin and healthy hair. Discover which are the most effective grooming products for your skin and hair type. Find out which haircuts suit you and which skincare routines keep your skin youthful.

Suitcase Packing Service

Receive a packed suitcase filled with well-folded clothes and essential self-care products that will meet all your needs for your trip. We will maximize the space in your suitcase by packing the key items that are appropriate for the climate of your destination and the events you may partake in while traveling.

Online Zoom Makeover Service

Upgrade your online presence and image to look great on camera during Skype, Meet or Zoom meetings. Get to know how to properly dress, style your hair and groom your skin in order to look professional and sophisticated.


Custom Tailoring Services

Custom Tailored TShirt

Wear custom-tailored t-shirts that fit you perfectly and build a complete wardrobe with all the basic tops you need.

Custom Tailored Shirts

Get the well-fitting essential shirts you need to build elegant looks for work and daily life. Customize every detail of your t-shirt, from collars to buttons.

Custom Tailored Pants

Finish off your neat looks with custom-tailored pants that will make you look polished. Mind the bottoms to be refined.

Custom Tailored Suits

Customize a suit that adapts to your body excellently to look smart and flawless. Shop a well-fitting suit to look like a sophisticated man.

Custom Tailored Jacket

We will create the ideal and perfect-fitting jacket for you. From the sleeves to the pockets, it will suit you wonderfully.

Custom Tailored Coat

Get ready to look like a gentleman by getting a custom-tailored coat that is especially made for you. This key item will complete your stylish wardrobe.

Meet Our Founder

Founder of Style Konsult, Jen Auh, is an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries, such as Macy’s, Too Faced Cosmetics, Maurices and Silver Jeans. Jen started her journey as an image consultant by giving her friends advice on fashion, lifestyle and self-care in her living room. Her passion and skills have led her to build an image consulting, personal shopping and personal branding agency that focuses on helping men become a better version of themselves. Through Style Konsult, her mission is to enhance men’s style, image, behavior and communication to make sure that they look their best and feel confident. ​

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

– Jen Auh

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