Men's Image Consulting & Styling Services

Style Konsult services are focused on improving men’s style, appearance and lifestyle for them to feel confident and satisfied with their personal and professional images.

Image Consulting

Boost your self-esteem and upgrade your style with our image consulting services. Get all the tools you need to become a better version of yourself. Keep an elegant etiquette and uplifted charisma. Follow the expert advice of an image consultant to evolve into a stylish, empowered and confident man.

Personal Shopping

Get all the elegant and fashionable clothes you need while saving time and effort with our personal shopping service. We will shop the best clothing and products for you to build a polished wardrobe that fits you perfectly. Discover which is your DNA of clothing: your own color palette and the fabric, textures and patterns that suit you best. Be in style 24/7.

Wardrobe Consulting

Through the wardrobe consulting service, we evaluate your wardrobe and decide which pieces need to be added or updated. This service is perfect for men who are looking to refresh their attire for a new season or build neat looks for certain events.

Grooming Consultation

Learn which skincare and haircare routines work best for you with our personalized grooming service. We will give you expert advice on how to groom your skin, hair and facial hair for you to look radiant and youthful.

Suitcase Packing

Maximize the space in your suitcase and never forget the essential items for your trip with our suitcase packing service. We can help you pack for the appropriate climate of your destination and the events you may partake in while traveling.

Online Makeover

Enhance your online screen presence and image with the help of a makeover consultant for your Google Meet, Zoom or Skype professional meetings. Schedule your online makeover today to look your best on screen.

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