What You Need to Know to Impress Her On The First Date

The first date sets the expectations for any potential relationship to grow down the road. It is your shot to make a move on the lady you’ve had your eye on. You want to make a good first impression as this day will be remembered and often discussed with her closest friends. While the butterflies in your stomach are settling in, let me give you some insider tips to sweep her off her feet.

What To Wear

Your physical appearance is going to be one of the most important ways to impress her on the first date. You want to look your best while still staying true to yourself. Wear what makes you feel confident without trying to be someone you are not.The location of your date is going to set the tone for the attire. If you are going out on a fancy evening, wearing a suit is always a good polished look. For a more laid back date, put extra effort into an outfit you would normally wear like a navy sport coat. You can finalize and put together your look with a watch, having good hygiene, and doing your hair.

How To Act

This day is going to be the day you want to put your best personality traits forward. To impress her on the first date, make her feel valued by doing all the things gentleman’s are expected to do. Actions such as opening her door, pulling out her chair, sharing your coat, and paying for the bill will go a long way even though they may seem obvious.

If you have a hard time keeping a conversation going smoothly, ask more than just surface-level questions. The best way to get to know somebody is by asking questions that require some thought. It shows you have a genuine interest in their life and want to know more about them.

Dating Advice

Finding a strong connection with another individual is not as easy as it seems. Don’t put yourself down if it seems like it is taking longer than it should to find the one. It may feel as if it is going to take a lifetime before you find true love but patience is a virtue. Going on dates will get you more comfortable with expressing yourself to different people and getting to know what you like and dislike.

Before anyone can love you, you have to love yourself first. If you are unable to hold yourself to your highest potential, we can guide you to being the person you’ve always wanted to be. After a session with SUIT MAKE’s services you’ll have newfound confidence to put yourself out there. We encourage you to join the dating game and show off the new you.

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