What to Wear to a Company Holiday Party

A man wears a suit and accessories

The classic company Holiday party, lunch or dinner is approaching and you may be wondering: “Which is the right outfit for me to nail my look and impress my coworkers?” Style Konsult is going to give you some key, infallible tips for you to get right what to wear to a company Holiday party.

Before choosing the clothes that you are going to wear at the corporate party, you must take into account several things: Is it lunch or dinner? Is it a casual gathering or is it held at a fancy restaurant? Are you going to go have a few drinks later? Depending on the context and ambience, go for a more relaxed outfit if it is a company lunch and for a more festive look if it is a dinner or party at night.


If your company lunch is during the day, you will look great if you dress in a natural way, without shiny details or a suit, but with a special touch in your hairstyle and accessories like Style Konsult‘s amazing ties, belts and cufflinks. However, do not relax much while wearing clothes that are too casual. Avoid wearing sneakers, t-shirts and animal prints.

In the working atmosphere, it is always more appropriate to be sophisticated and discreet than too fancy and sparkly. Avoid the extravagances without falling into the ordinary. Give a festive touch to your image with some velvety details and bow ties. It is always about finding the right balance.

Do not forget that black is the undisputed king of the night, along with Christmassy tones like bordeaux, brown, navy blue, white and darker green or orange. Wear seasonal colors, which will make you look festive and very elegant at the same time. Black pants with sweaters and shirts of those colors are a great combination.

You might be close to your office colleagues, but mind that the boss is going to keep an eye on you. Play it safe by choosing something formal, but not too much. Another awesome clothing combination option is a knitted sweater, either crewneck or high neck, and tailored pants or dark jeans. Finish it off with a blazer or short jacket and boots for the shoes.


You need to be comfortable, flawless and, at the same time, not scratch your head too much. Think about how you usually dress to go to the office because everyone knows what your style is like from seeing you there. It does not make sense that you suddenly dress very differently for a Christmas party to give a “good impression”. You have to remain YOU, neat but authentic. It would be odd that you wear a suit every day to work and suddenly appear with a shirt, a sweatshirt and torn pants for the company party. 

However, after you have your outfit put together, think; “Would I use this to go to work?” And if the answer is yes, then it would be best if you take it off because what we least want at a Christmas party is to look the same as we do the rest of the year. Look for clothes that will make you stand out.


Style Konsult is the right image consulting agency to advise you on how to dress for a company Holiday party. Our image consulting, personal shopping, grooming and wardrobe consulting services can make you improve your styling skills and make you realize your entire image potential. We will make you shine for the corporate celebration so that you to feel confident and stylish. Be dashing for every special occasion by following our wise advice.

Build your Christmassy outfit by ordering custom-tailoring clothes at Style Konsult website, so you make sure to dress with well-fitting and high-quality clothes to impress your coworkers. Moreover, we advise you to take care of your skin before going to the company Holiday party by applying our great skincare products that will make you look youthful and glowing.


Now, Style Konsult is going to offer you specific dressing tips for a company Holiday party:

1. Start with a knitted sweater, preferably a turtleneck: Wearing it you will be perfectly dressed without being too formal, but looking fashionable and original. Consider wearing cashmere, since it will give you an extra point of style and will make you look like a stylish man.

2. Shirt yes or no? Depending on the formality of the event, you can wear only a round neck sweater or add a shirt underneath to make it look more formal. In the case of choosing a turtleneck, you will not need to think about that.

3. Pants: You will always look good with tailored cut-to-the-ankle pleated pants, neither too high nor falling excessively on the shoe. If you need to lower the formality even further, wearing dark jeans never fails.

4. Suit? Again, it will depend on the formality of the event. You have three options, from more to less formal: wear the complete suit with a turtleneck or shirt, combine a jacket with jeans as an intermediate option or leave it at home because a cozy and Christmassy sweater is enough.

5. Elegant shoes: Do you remember those Chelsea boots that you bought for an important meeting and then wore all year long? You will not fall for the obvious, neither too formal nor extremely relaxed. They are the perfect shoes to give a new, juvenile air to your look. Brogues or loafers are always an amazing choice, too.

6. The essential coat: A long coat in a dark shade, like the ones that are popular this season, always makes a good impact and it will make you look like a fashionable gentleman.


Trust Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, to guide you on your styling process for the Holidays and the special celebrations. Her experience will be of much help for you to find the right fashion direction to look both elegant and comfortable in your festive outfits.

Style Konsult offers you many styling and image consulting services that you can book to enhance your looks and be flawless for your company Holiday party and the family celebrations. Schedule your image consultation, personal shopping service, grooming or wardrobe consultation to improve your style with a professional image consultant.

Also, consider giving Style Konsult’s Gift Card as a present to a coworker or a  family member with whom you will reunite during the Holidays to let their style become as polished as yours. They will be able to choose among our wide range of services and products, such as custom-tailored clothes.

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