How Wearing the Color of the Month Helps You Out

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Astrology helps people understand about their character, behavior and personality. It also guides them towards what can bring happiness and luck to their lives. Colors have astrological meanings, since they are capable of making people feel, behave and reflect themselves in a certain way in front of others. Each person has a specific color of the month depending on when they were born and which their zodiac sign is. The theory of color has become a key method to determine the actions of some people who believe in the manifestations of the universe and its consequences in work, love and health.

Wearing complementary colors related to your month in your clothes and accessories can boost your confidence, attract positivity and joy to your life, make you focus on your goals and give you emotional balance. Therefore, Style Konsult is showing you what colors you should wear according to the color theory that has created a tonal profile based on your month of birth. So, do not hesitate to select items of your special color the next time you have an important event or go shopping for new clothes.


 The main color of 2022 is green. Green has many positive meanings. In the first place, it is linked to birth, life and energy. It is a color deeply associated with spring, fertility, growth and youth. In the economic sphere, it is a symbol of wealth. Green is also the color related to nature, healing, hope, optimism and good luck. Finally, it is one of the colors that represent the idea of balance, serenity, calm and spirituality. Yet, there are accent colors that change every month and complement the main color:

1. April: Green is the main color and black is the accent color. Gold or/and leather accessories balance the cold in winter and the warmth in spring.

2. May: Green is the main color and black/white are the accent colors. Red brings more positive energy, amplifying new opportunities. Green attracts good energy for new starts during spring.

3. June: Green is the main color and red/black are the accent colors. Gold/Yellow tones bring more stability and better foundation to grow a business and succeed in life, since yellow is a color that can be found on earth.

4. July: Green is the main color and black is the accent color. Red increases growth of business. Black will help to bring fresh ideas because it is related to water and progress. 

5. August: Green is the main color and red is the accent color. Black helps expand the business and keep growing. Red symbolizes the positive energy for better leadership because of its connection with the Sun and its energy.

6. September: Green is the main color and yellow is the accent color. Red keeps the positive energy and yellow/gold brings stability with a stronger foundation.

7. October: Green is the main color and black/white are accent colors. Black is associated with water and white with jewelry. So, red strengthens the leadership and black/white keep the flow and positive results of hard work.

8. November: Green is the main color and yellow/brown are accent colors. Red preserves the strong leadership with sensibility, while yellow/brown keep the people working together in harmony.

9. December: Green is the main color and red is an accent color. White and yellow bring wealth. Therefore, wear gold/silver watches or accessories to strengthen the positive results in your life.

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