6 Ways for Men to Look Elegant in Denim

Men in Denim

Jeans and denim wear are one of the most popular clothing items worldwide, which can be semi-formal. There are a few things you can do to make them less casual and more sophisticated for situations and places where you need to show a more elegant appearance. These days, jeans aren’t just for the weekend or after work anymore, they are suitable for so many more situations. While jeans are not conceived as formal wear, they can be considered semi-formals if you use and combine them correctly.

The best thing about jeans is that they are versatile, easy to wear, and very comfortable, plus the right pair is very flattering and can look good on most men. Jeans are already allowed in offices, but you have to select the right design and fit for the jeans to suit your style, personality, workplace, and lifestyle. But, denim is not just for trousers. Denim is great for shirts and blazers, too. It adds a casual touch to semi-casual style and upgrades the entire look when matched with t-shirts or chinos.

The history of jeans dates back to the 19th century in 1853, the time of the gold rush in the mines of the western US. Jeans were created as work clothes. They were designed as items that had to be resistant and durable so that workers could use them when working to have greater protection. But, the world quickly realized that its potential went far beyond work, and eventually became one of the most popular and used items around the world.


1. Select the right tone of denim

Light-colored jeans and denim wear are the most casual. So, if you want a more formal style, choose darker shades like inky blue or black. That way, the jeans and other denim wear will look more classy and stylish. Preferably, you should also avoid styles with bold colors, decorations, and rips. Beyond traditional rivets, avoid patches on your denim wear.

2. Get well-fitting jeans that suit you

We recommend you select jeans in a regular, straight fit. In order for your jeans to look stylish and of good quality, you should avoid those with ripped or worn parts. This can work in casual situations, but it makes your pants look a lot less formal than you want, plus it can make them look sloppy and old.

Don’t just think about the color, the cut and fit of the jeans also matters. You should wear jeans with a medium-high rise because the low rise is old fashioned, neither too tight nor too loose. The straight cut is the most timeless and classic style you can find. It is very important that the jeans fit you perfectly, this will make you look much better.

3. Add a blazer to the outfit

Wearing a blazer with jeans is a classic look that has been trending since the 90’s, and it is a great way to combine formal with casual clothes for a smart casual look. Combining the jeans with a jacket makes the look more polished and sophisticated. This has the advantage that you can add different colors or patterns depending on the season of the year and the occasion. As well, get a good denim blazer to combine with shirts or t-shirts and chinos or dress pants. It is an essential for the spring and summer seasons.

4. Combine the denim pieces with a good pair of shoes

You can build an elegant outfit with a pair of fashion sneakers that are made with leather or suede, adding more style to the entire entire wardrobe. However, avoid workout sneakers on all occasions. You can also play with different styles of boots and shoes that are more sophisticated. Chelsea boots or loafers are a good option to increase the elegance of the overall look.

5. Mix and match the jeans with polished shirts and sweaters

Wearing a stylish t-shirt can work, but if you want to go for something polished and elegant, it is better to switch to basic button down shirts, polo shirts, and light sweaters. You can get a custom-tailored shirt on the app STYiLES, where an image consultant will order customized clothes for you. Those are pieces that are generally worn with suits to create smart looks for formal situations.

6. Wear a belt

Even if your jeans fit you perfectly, a belt will always give you a plus in elegance that sometimes denim alone cannot. Consider that wearing a weave belt adds an extra stylish piece to the wardrobe, rather than a plain black or brown belt. A man will still look casual yet sophisticated.

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