4 Valentine’s Day Outfit Combinations for Men 2023

A man wearing a chic and elegant outfit to a Valentine's Day date

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it is the perfect occasion for men to look as attractive and handsome as ever. Love must be celebrated in style on this remarkable day and each season of the year. So, get winter fashion inspiration and enhance your style to go on romantic dates with your partner.

After all, it is always great to impress your loved one and make her/him fall more in love with you every day. Style Konsult is giving you ideas of four Valentine’s Day outfits combinations for men so you look elegant and neat when going out with your partner during the cold weather. Do not let the freezing February weather stop you from dressing with flair for your memorable Valentine’s Day date.

If you have already built a complete and high-quality winter wardrobe, choosing your Valentine’s Day outfit will be much easier. A dark suit, a couple of plain sweaters, some dark jeans or pleated pants are clothing items that can be combined and work well all together. It does not imply that you cannot add trendy items and accessories to your outfits. But, we are focusing on the essentials. Book your image and wardrobe consultation with Style Konsult to get professional advice on how to dress flawlessly to go on your Valentine’s Day date.


1. Suit combined with white sneakers and a long coat

This is an infallible and modern combination for younger men. Your job may require you to wear a suit and a tie, but you do not want to go to your date all dressed up as if you had just arrived from work. Your romantic date is not another meeting. Reflect your true personality and charisma in your outfits.

If the date is happening on a working day, replace your lace shoes and your shirt with white sneakers and a sweater before leaving the office. That way, you will create a smart look with a more fashionable aura. The suit will give you the formal appearance that the date requires, as if you had put it on because it is a special night. The sweater and sneakers will add that point of originality and trendy style. The key element of the outfits is a long coat that will make you look like a gentleman. That applies to this outfit and all the following ones.

2. Turtleneck with custom-tailored pants and lace-up shoes or ankle boots

This combination will be amazing if you are a classic man who likes to dress according to the latest trends. The turtleneck will give you sophistication and the custom-tailored pants will complete a graceful and neat look. That is the midpoint between wearing a full suit and jeans.

Also, Chelsea boots will make you get the extra touch of style that will upgrade your overall image. Still, brogues or loafers are another good choice for footwear. We recommend you to combine it all with a high-quality watch that will enhance the outfit. Moreover, dressing in total black or brown tones will give the final outfit a plus of sophistication.

A man holding a buquet of flowers on Valentine's Day who wears a turtleneck and lace-up shoes

3. Knitwear and dark jeans

Knitwear is the key clothing item to build a chic and cozy winter outfit. An awesome combination is: a black, navy blue or gray cardigan over a turtleneck or a plain sweater. For this outfit, some dark blue or black jeans will complement the look perfectly. It will be better if the jeans are not too light, washed or ripped. When it comes to choosing the right shoes, consider wearing either white sneakers or Chelsea boots. In case you have planned to spend a lot of time outdoors, remember to wear an elegant scarf and some gloves.

4. Sweater with jeans, a scarf and an elegant coat

The first step to build this outfit is to define the level of the date’s formality. The atmosphere may be relaxed at a dinner with your partner if you do not go to a fancy restaurant. It is not always the best plan to wear a suit, but maybe a mere shirt is too casual. So what should you wear? A sweater is the ideal middle ground between a t-shirt and a shirt. Depending on the time of year, you can select a round neck sweater or even a knitted polo shirt. The best colors would be dark and neutral tones, such as black, navy blue or charcoal gray. Those tones will make you look polished and elegant.

As for the pants, dark jeans will keep that relaxed and stylish balance of the outfit. Yet, if you wish to look daintier, tailored pants would be the right option. This way, you will achieve the balanced casual elegance that you are looking for. Regarding the footwear, go for some brogues, Chelsea boots or white sneakers. The final touch is a scarf that will add sophistication and style to the overall look. The elegant coat and the accessories are details that make the outfit shine.

A man wears a sweater, jeans, a scarf and a long coat to a Valentine's Day date

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