Ultimate Thanksgiving Style Guide for Men 2021

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a perfect winter outfit for Thanksgiving

You must be already very excited for Thanksgiving, the first great celebration of the Holidays after a fun Halloween. The special and nostalgic last months of the year bring all the emotions to the reunions and gatherings, where we appreciate friends and family. Those occasions are the perfect time for you to relax while being stylish by wearing comfortable yet elegant outfits.

Style Konsult offers you the ultimate Thanksgiving Style Guide for Men 2021 for you to get inspiration and clear ideas on how to combine your winter clothes and nail your festive style. Be both cozy and fashionable for the Holiday season with our fashion tips. If you follow our recommendation, you will end up dressing impeccably for the festivities. Here’s what you need to know to enjoy Thanksgiving in style.


Thanksgiving is an especially intimate and homely celebration. The next 25th of November you will probably meet your closest relatives and friends to eat and spend the day together. Still, it is important that you keep in mind how exceptional the event is. That is why the key to dress for Thanksgiving is to balance comfort and sophistication.

You will be surrounded by the people who know you best and who truly love you, but you want to impress them by dressing as a gentleman. Style Konsult advises you to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with more refined and fancy styles. However, keep it true and be yourself. Our main tip is that you should add a bit of innovation to your look and some dainty details like accessories.


At Style Konsult we are offering you the best image consulting services for you to be the best version of yourself for Thanksgiving. We provide a wide range of services to improve your overall winter look, from a fundamental image consultation to a personal shopping service, grooming or wardrobe consultation. All these services are conducted by Jen Auh, the image consultant and founder of the agency who will help you polish your looks. That is the best option to find your inner fashionista and get the most out of your potential.

Now, we are giving you some specific outfit recommendations to dress in a neat and handsome way for the Thanksgiving celebrations:

– Be classic and wear a suit that will get you looking graceful and tasteful. Style Konsult’s custom-tailored suits are the ideal and most appropriate well-fitting clothes for you. The look would be utterly accomplished with a custom-made tie of your favorite color.

– Wear a high-quality shirt with some pleated pants. Again, our custom-made shirts and pants will fit you perfectly. This look is simple but effective. You will never fail if you complement it with a bit of perfume and a nice hairstyle. The final touch to the look is an attractive and warm coat or jacket.

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter outfit for Thanksgiving

– Since it gets pretty cold for Thanksgiving, combine your shirt cleverly by wearing a waistcoat or knitwear over it. A charming cardigan, blazer or sweater will completely upgrade your winter look.

– An item that is delightfully beautiful for men who have a long neckline to wear during winter is a black, white, brown, navy blue, dark orange or green turtleneck. A mere turtleneck turns your outfit much more stylish. For men with short neckline, we advise to wear round neck navy cashmere sweater and wear brown cashmere scarf to add warmth to show the neckline when not wearing the scarf.

– Mind that the bottom is equally relevant and that you must not ruin the look by wearing skinny jeans, joggers or other pants that are inappropriate for the event.

– If you want to wear a more relaxed outfit, instead of a suit or a shirt you could choose polo shirts and chinos as a convenient alternative.

– As always, for the shoes Style Konsult recommends you to wear brogues, leather boots or loafers to complete your Holidays look, but some good-quality sneakers are also right if they match more with your personality. Wear the brown chelsea boots or loafers matching with casual wear such as denim or chinos and the brogues with more formal wear.

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears a winter outfit

We hope that you find all the tips at the ultimate Thanksgiving Style Guide for Men 2021 very useful for you to shop your desired outfit to wear at the celebrations or to select the most pertinent clothes from your wardrobe. The occasion is worth making the effort to dress with grace. Be formal and casual, serene and well-groomed at the same time. We can help you achieve that fashion harmony.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will advise you on how to dress for Thanksgiving with the maximum good judgement and flair. Trust us to make all the magic and make you look flawless for the memorable occasion. Get out of the ordinary and seek style these Holidays.

You can purchase one or various services that will accentuate all the good points of your style and make you glow as ever for the festive celebrations. With services such as personal shopping and wardrobe consulting, Jen will work to create the ideal outfits for your winter looks. Moreover, consider giving our Gift Card as a present to someone you love in order to let their style gleam as much as yours.

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