Treat Yourself for the Spring

man in suit

When the leaves change back to green, you know it’s time for Spring. This season is the best for fashion. There are so many new colors and styles that you can play around with. Start off the new season by treating yourself with these amazing items.

SUIT Treats

Whether you have a wedding to attend or an important meeting, you always need a good suit. Sometimes, shopping for suits can be trying. It isn’t always an easy journey to find the exact fit or style that you want. Lucky for you, SUIT MAKE and Jen Auh have a solution to your problem. Custom-made suits! A suit made just for you and exactly the way that you want it. What are you waiting for? Get started on your custom-made suit today.

Grooming Treats

Another item that you will need to keep handy for the spring, is our grooming kit. Take care of your skin and keep it looking glowing and fresh. Our grooming kit contains three incredible items. You will get a soothing serum to keep your skin soothed, refreshed and hydrated. Apply it to your face after toning your skin no matter the time of day.

The second item that is a part of the grooming kit is the Meditamin Snow Glow Face Mask. This mask is perfect for sensitive skin. It will keep your face feeling moisturized and bright. After toning your skin, follow with the cooling serum and then put on this snow glow mask for the best results. Finally, we have the Lotus Jeju Botanical Sun Cream. This product keeps your skin moisturized while also protecting it from the sun. It has SPF 50 which is perfect to keep your skin safe when the sun is out.

Treat yourself for the spring with these fine items. Your skin and closet with thank us. For more info, visit us at Jen Auh and SUIT MAKE. To learn more about Men’s styling, grooming, dating and lifestyle, download the Clubhouse app and follow @jen.auh.

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