How to Dress and Pack to Travel for the Holidays

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During the Holiday season people travel in order to spend the special festivities next to their relatives and friends that live far away. It is common that different members of a family live apart from each other, so Christmas is that time of the year with long-awaited reunions. Therefore, traveling increases in all means of transport: the roads, the railways, the sea and the air. No matter if it is a shorter or longer distance, we travel to meet our loved ones and spend a great festive time together to celebrate the brightest season of the year.

Style Konsult is offering you some essential tips to prepare for the winter Christmas travels. Keep your body warm and your spirits high by following our advice. SK suitcase packing service is the best option for you to know what you exactly need in your suitcase and how you can optimize your time and space while packing. Keep reading to find out how to dress and pack to travel for the Holidays in an efficient, comfortable, elegant and clever way.


Traveling is something you must do both in comfort and style. It applies to both long and short distance trips. When traveling, you are thinking about getting to your destination as soon as possible and you get tired easily. That is why comfort is a number one priority to be able to relax and even fall asleep during your flight or train ride. If you are driving, you also need to be comfortable in order to focus on the road and feel good on your way.

However, Style Konsult will always emphasize the importance of keeping it sophisticated and chic, even if comfort is the priority. A man may be dressed in a casual and relaxed way, but still shine bright with fashionable clothes and glowing skin. Make sure you select well-fitting clothing that is warm for winter and that does not make you sense any sort of discomfort.

For Christmas traveling, we recommend you to wear a sweater or some knitwear on top and a pair of comfy jeans or loose pants at the bottom. You got to feel so comfortable that you do not even think about your clothes. It would be perfect if you find the balance in wearing impressive, high-quality clothes for the remarkable festivities while keeping it as comfy as possible. For the shoes, it is appropriate to wear a pair of sneakers or boots that do not oppress your feet even a little bit.

Furthermore, we advise you to go through a process of skincare before the trip. It really makes a difference to clear your face and let it breathe while traveling. Apply a moisturizing cream to hydrate your skin and no makeup at all, even more nowadays that we have to wear a mask throughout the entire trip.


Trust Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, to help you organize your suitcase and make you realize how relevant it is to select a limited number of key clothes for the trip. The suitcase packing service will make you learn that packing is all about thinking carefully of what to include in your suitcase during an average of three days. Be cautious and pack your suitcase ahead of time.

From the most cozy and warm winter clothes to the best products for skincare and hair styling, Jen will guide you in the process of packing cleverly. Before starting to pack, Style Konsult will make you improve your winter clothing selection for the trip with image consulting, personal shopping, grooming or wardrobe consulting services that will enhance your image and boost your confidence for the Holiday season. Also, the custom-tailoring service will be of much help if you need specific, well-fitting clothing for your trip.


Style Konsult offers you many styling and image consulting services to teach you how to travel in style and comfort these Holidays. You can purchase one or plenty of the services that Style Konsult offers you to look as stunning as ever for the Christmas celebrations and family gatherings. Schedule your image consultation, personal shopping service, grooming or wardrobe consultation to become a handsome gentleman this Holiday season.

Also, consider gifting Style Konsult’s Gift Card as a present to a family member with whom you will reunite during the Holidays to let his/her style become as polished and fashionable as yours. They will be able to choose among our wide range of services and products, like custom-tailored clothes.

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