TOP 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Winter sweaters for men

Cold weather is here. It is already mid-fall and all the winter clothes enthusiasts are happy to start wearing sweaters, coats, boots and scarfs. Winter clothing is all about the coziness and the comfort. However, it allows us to combine and layer clothes in an elaborate way which makes our outfits look more elegant and stylish. At Style Konsult we are offering you some tips to be prepared for the cold weather with style and poise. That is why this week we are talking about the winter wardrobe essentials for men.


First of all, we want to present to you our wardrobe consulting service. Style Konsult’s experienced image consultant, Jen Auh, will evaluate your wardrobe and decide which pieces need to be added or updated. In case you are looking to refresh your attire for winter and particular events, this service is perfect for you. The sessions with Jen will allow you to express your aspirations and concerns while being professionally advised on how to dress with sophisticated and neat style for every occasion.

A complete and organized wardrobe will make you feel confident in your daily life, since every morning you will quickly figure out which right outfit to wear. With our help and advice you will become your own stylist. Style Konsult’s wardrobe consulting adapts to every season  and offers you custom-tailored clothes that will fit you sublimely. It is an excellent option for you to have both casual and smart clothes which will make you shine in your personal and professional life. You just need to believe in us to make your style evolve in order to always look handsome, regardless of the weather conditions.


Diving into the cold weather season is the perfect reason for you to experiment with fashion and become more stylish. Since we need more layers to dress for winter, it is convenient to layer clothes in a tasteful and correct way. At Style Konsult we specialize in styling men for them to be their best version and feel like a gentleman all year long. We are going to give you 5 useful tips for your wardrobe to become a suitable closet full of beautiful and appropriate clothes for winter. Our advice on the winter wardrobe essentials for men is:

1. Wear a minimum of three layers

People normally tend to wear only two layers, a sweater and a jacket. Still, you will look much more charming if you combine it with a pullover or a waistcoat. A sweater over a shirt or a turtleneck and a jacket on top of it all is the key combination. It will protect you even more from the cold and upgrade your outfit.

2. Pay special attention to the accessories

Winter is the indicated season for you to wear warm accessories such as gloves, scarfs, beanies or earmuffs. They will complement your look.

3. Wear long coats

A long coat is the ideal item to look like a refined and fashionable man. The colors we recommend for coats are brown, black, grey and dark blue or green. However, if you are willing to be more original, other colors like turquoise or red are daring and unique.

Brand Ambassador Mr. Yang wears a long coat

4. Select the right bottom

A winter outfit is not complete without comfy and fitting pants that go well with your outfit. Both the color and the style matter. If you desire to go to the office or to a date, a pair of pleated pants would be a great choice. But, to take a walk or to go eat dinner with your friends, a pair of black or blue jeans is the best.

5. Choose the right shoes and play with textures

Winter fashion is very diverse. It is fun to incorporate different textures into your look, such as ribbed cardigans or leather pants. The important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it. Fashion is all about imaginativeness and innovation. Also, try to buy a few pairs of good-quality shoes. You will need snug, sheltered sneakers, boots brogues and loafers to slay your daily outfits.


On the other side of the coin, we also want to prevent you from making a common mistake that men generally do during the cold weather:

1. Do not use headwear which does not suit you. Every man has a different type of face, hair and character that determine whether a beanie or a hat is for him or not.

2. Do not wear fingerless gloves, since they are neither practical nor aesthetic, nor socks that are too colorful.

3. Do not wear joggers too much. They are the right item to be cozy at home, but not to live in them every day.

4. Avoid wearing Christmas sweater in public or at work, just while being with family and friends to cheer the festive spirit up. As well, be careful to not wear a Christmas sweater that is too childish and extragavant.

5. Do not layer clothes which do not combine well. It is relevant to develop a sense to style your winter outfits. That is exactly why you could try to improve it with our image consultingpersonal shopping or wardrobe consulting services as the ultimate solution.

Brand ambassador Mr. Yang wears the right combination of winter clothes

By following all these tips, you will become a trendy and stylish man who always dresses graciously during the cold weather season.


Style Konsult’s image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will evaluate and level up your winter outfits. The point is to understand your personal style and potential to make the most out of it. Jen Auh will try her best to make it happen. You can purchase one or various services that will let you learn about your own fashion potential and become the best version of yourself. The winter wardrobe essentials for men are just the beginning.

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