Top 5 Men’s Accessories for Spring

A man wearing a suit with accessories

The best men’s accessories for spring are both functional and fashionable. It is important that the accessories are made with high-end fabrics. The global trends are the inspiration for designers who create bags, belts and various items that combine practical solutions with sophisticated designs for elegant men. Style Konsult brings you the must-have men’s accessories for spring season that will be spring fashion essentials.

In this warm season, men can wear spring accessories to protect themselves from the sun, look stylish and forget about the inconvenience of carrying many things and/or being all sweaty. The right accessories refresh men’s looks and can even become the undeniable protagonists of any chic outfit. Discover the indispensable spring accessories for men, which will be the star items in your wardrobe throughout this time of the year.


1. Hats

Make sure that you protect yourself from the sun as best as possible during the warm seasons of the year. That is why this April neat hats will be key accessories for you. Classic fedora hats give you the necessary elegance to go to any outdoor event, sightsee and take some photos; while caps help you protect from the sun rays and give an urban touch to your look. It is all a matter of tastes, styles and needs. It will make you feel more comfortable in the warm weather.

2. Sunglasses

Remember to put on sunscreen daily and wear quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunbeam. Select anti-reflective lenses to feel more protected. The sunglasses designs that will make you look like a gentleman are: square, aviator and rounded. You must try them on and get to know what suits you best. An image consultant will help you find out which kind of sunglasses suits your face and features.

3. Leather accessories

If you want to look upscale and modern, wear a leather bracelet to add a unique and original touch to your spring outfits. We advise you to not wear many jewels, since it can be too extravagant. Wear one or two leather jewels that will make you look polished. Moreover, get a leather wallet in brown or black to complete your smart looks with refined accessories.

4. Metallic watches

Watches are one of the most popular men’s accessories because they do not fail to upgrade men’s outfits. This spring, metallic watches with gold straps are essentials in men’s wardrobes. Watches with leather straps are also key items for spring, as we have mentioned in the previous point. Wear one or another depending on the formality of the occasion. We recommend you to wear leather watches for daily life and metallic ones for special events. Mind the details to look your best.

5. Ties and belts

Last but not least, ties and belts of different fabrics and patterns must be in men’s closets because they improve their appearance regardless of the season. A leather belt and a customized tie are dashing accessories that allow men to build smart and well-fitting outfits. Light-colored ties are trendy during spring, since the bright and pastel colors are suitable for this season. Wear them with your custom-tailored suits. Men look much more attractive when they take care of the details to enhance their overall image.

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