Top 3 Summer Hairstyles to Stay Cool

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Summer is here already! While many of you are busy sifting through your wardrobes to pick summer outfits, you might be overlooking one important aspect of your style. Yeah, exactly, your hairstyle. Style Konsult is here to guide you to choose the best hairstyle that will make you look both fresh and stylish. Here are the top 3 hairstyles that will help you ace your summer look while keeping you cool as a cucumber. Keep going!


If you’re the one who wants to look trendy while being cool, then this hairstyle is for you. This style comes with the dual benefit of having voluminous hair and a classic tapered haircut on the sides. This goes well with both short and medium-length hair.


One more classy style that screams for your attention. Short slick back hairstyle has been enjoying huge popularity for a long time. This cut strikes a perfect balance between summer short hair and elegance. You can further tame your slick back with undercut, fade, or combed back hair.


You can’t go over summer with this iconic Rockabilly cut. Short Pomp, popularized by Elvis, looks fashionable both on younger and middle-aged men. In this hairstyle, your smooth hair is flaunted with high volume and is brushed back. The sides are mostly faded to keep you cool. Short Pompadour doesn’t really need a lot of work but still gives the vibes of summer and glow.

Whether it is tapered or slick back or undercut, Style Konsult with its expert grooming consultation service will help you find the perfect hairstyle that will make you shine in the glistening summer light. While you’re here, also check out our fashionable accessories at SUIT MAKE to complete your stylish summer look.

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