8 Key Tips to be More Successful in 2023

Successful man for 2023

A new year has started. It is time for you to seek new goals and focus on becoming the best version of yourself both personally and professionally. That will lead you to success and well-being in 2023. Make the most of every opportunity and dedicate time to yourself. It is about finding the perfect balance.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen spend most of their time working to succeed in achieving their goals. To do that, the key is always looking polished, having a healthy lifestyle, and leveling up your communication skills. You can find a variety of image consultants worldwide in the STYiLES app who can meet all your needs and expectations to succeed. 


First of all, keep in mind the characteristics that you should have to stay successful as a businessman and person:

  • Efficient: Find your needs and meet them in a timely manner.
  • Independent: Make a profit for yourself and enjoy being your own boss.
  • Confident: Demonstrate your self-assurance.
  • Disciplined: Prioritize tasks and work to become the best in your field.
  • Judicious: Make decisions quickly and intelligently.
  • Flexible: Adapt to any situation and the requirements of the market.
  • Constant: Reach the end goals despite the challenges that may appear.


An entrepreneur should keep learning and growing. Make it a resolution to acquire new skills and do activities that strengthen your leadership and charisma. From finding out about management strategies to working on your image with a professional image consultant.

This year, start doing new activities and learning about topics that interest you. Also, expand your network and build connections to get more useful information and valuable resources for your business.


Above all, take care of your health for the next year; improve your eating and sleeping habits, as well as exercise and practice relaxation routines every day. Keep in mind that your health influences your performance and that, in the long run, it contributes to your professional success.Find out which are the 8 must-follow tips to be a successful man in 2023 and achieve all your goals.

1. Get up early and work out every morning

Set a routine of getting up early every day at the same time. The sooner you get up, the better. As well, don’t look at your phone during the first minutes of the day. Eat breakfast, exercise… but don’t get hooked on your smartphone yet. That way, you will be able to visualize the day ahead and start preparing for it.

As well, morning exercise is key to activating your body, organizing your mind, and connecting with yourself. Going for a run in the fresh air or doing a 30-minute workout at the gym will help you feel more energetic and productive during the day.

2. Prioritize tasks and quantify your work

As soon as you arrive at the office, many pending tasks are awaiting you. Dedicate the first hours of the day to the most important tasks so you are not overwhelmed. In the first hours of the morning you will be more active and dynamic. Use this strategy for everything else: prioritize work efficiently.

As well, ask yourself how many tasks have you completed today. If you are satisfied with your performance, try to achieve a few more. When it comes to organizing your day-to-day, it is convenient to quantify work and daily activities. It allows you to know what you exactly need to get done and which are the best times to do it.

3. Take calculated challenges and risks

Think out of the box to get out of your comfort zone. Try out new tools and strategies to elevate your work performance. It may not turn out as you expected, but at least you have proposed something different and innovative. Accept that challenges will also be inevitable, but you will learn to see them as opportunities for growth.

4. Delegate work

Your employees are your support network, and they are essential for your success. Work with people who add to your skills. It is the union of forces that will make you a successful, renowned professional. It is also a question of delegating and trusting others so you can focus 100% on your own tasks.

5. Elevate your communication skills

This has a lot to do with how you behave with your team and all the people in your life. You need certain interpersonal skills to manage your employees, but also to successfully negotiate with associates, communicate with your business partners, express yourself clearly in meetings, etc. Moreover, be transparent, genuine, and honest to create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

6. Practice relaxation techniques

Dedicating a few minutes every day to close your eyes, stretch, take deep breaths, and calm your thoughts is highly advantageous. Practicing meditation will help you connect with yourself, relax, and get rid of anxiety. If you do it in the morning, you will start the day much more energetic. If you do it at night, you will rest much better. Consult an image consultant on STYiLES to learn about simple and effective methods.

At the end of the day, you should put two key habits into practice. On the one hand, follow a night self-care routine with a warm shower, grooming regime, and ‘you time’ to recharge your energy. It will set you up for deep, healing sleep. On the other hand, reflect on your day and think what you would improve.

7. Stay informed and up to date

Entrepreneurs and businessmen who have to make important decisions should be up-to-date with current affairs depending on the field you work in, whether it is economical, political, technological… Make sure to read the news every day and create your own opinion about them. Critical thinking is a must for finding solutions to challenges and ways to improve.

8. Have quality time with family and friends

When you are an entrepreneur or executive, you normally have limited time with your loved ones. However, they can be your greatest motivation and support. Even if your schedule is normally full, try to dedicate a couple of hours to them. When you are talking over coffee with a friend or having dinner with your partner, remember to enjoy your quality time. That is personal success.

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