6 Fashion Tips for Men to Dress Looking More Attractive

An attractive man in a blue suit

Dashing outfits have the power of instantly making men look more handsome and attractive. Men should reflect their character in their wardrobe, which needs to be well-fitting and correctly combined. Being attractive does not only depend on your genes, although that helps a lot. It is a matter of self-care, grooming, choosing the right haircut, wearing a sensuous cologne and stylish clothes. Good taste in fashion and appropriate manners add to your attractiveness and can even transform you into a completely different man.

Styles say a lot about who you are, what you like, your lifestyle, work and personality. The outfits you wear affect the perception other people have of you. You do not have to be the most handsome man in the world, but having amazing style, behavior and communication skills will make you become an attractive and confident gentleman. In order to accomplish that, you must pay attention to the way you dress and groom yourself. Style Konsult is explaining which clothes enhance men’s charisma and assets for them to be charming and elegant.


1. Polo shirts and chinos

Polo shirts are sophisticated and chic. They boost men’s style by creating a stylized silhouette when they fit well to their bodies. That is why celebrities like Beckham, James Dean and Jake Gyllenhaal wear them, even combined with jackets or suits. Polo shirts look great with a nice pair of chinos, which is the perfect item to complete a stylish look. Chinos are versatile and dashing pants that create the perfect balance between a casual and formal style.

2. Long-sleeved shirts with formal pants

A long-sleeved shirt paired with colored trousers has become a trendy outfit that some of the world’s most attractive men wear, such as Idris Elba and Ryan Reynolds. It proves that you do not need to show skin to look stunning. A well-fitting shirt upgrades men’s looks. White shirts are essentials in any man’s wardrobe. Shirts in other colors like blue and lighter tones are key garments. As well, formal and smart colored trousers take men’s looks to the next level. The fabrics of both pieces should be of premium quality, which make the look luxurious and upscale.

3. Black or navy suits

The black suit is the star item in men’s closets. It is indispensable for men to go to work, dates and special events. Get custom-tailored suits that fit and suit you superbly. If you wear the suit well, you will look much more attractive because suits have a magical power to enhance men’s looks. Men in suits do not fail to captivate and delight women. On the other hand, blue suits have a modern and elegant style that transmits a lot of magnetism.

4. The classic ‘all-black’ outfit

The color of the clothes you wear can make you more attractive. There is a science of color based on the hues that look best on every skin tone and features. A color that is very effective and improves men’s appearance without them having to try too hard is black. Black and darker tones are colors which boost men’s confidence because they make men feel fashionable and comfortable. 

You do not have to wear black from head to toe to look attractive, but doing so can make you look glamurous if you wear the right clothes and make sure each item fits you well. You can add small details in white or other colors to create a more interesting look. You should not forget to wear some accessories like a leather watch and refined footwear.

5. Jeans and white t-shirts

James Dean and Steve McQueen made it very clear; there is nothing better than a pair of jeans that fit you flawlessly combined with a neat white t-shirt. Keep in mind that the jeans must not be too tight or too loose. The advantage of this simple but seductive look is that men can transform it by playing with jackets and shoes to make it more casual or formal, depending on the occasion. White sneakers are the ideal final touch to this outfit.

6. Neat accessories

Shoes and accessories are just as important as the rest of the clothes. Care about the details to look classy and modish. Roll up your sleeves to the elbows so you show your nice watch and wear a pair of leather boots or brogues to elevate your looks and your elegance. Complete your outfits with customized ties, hats and sunglasses. Women love men who seem thoughtful and caring.

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