The Perfect Fit for Men’s Clothing

Perfect men's clothing fit

A man who wears well-fitting and high-quality clothing looks polished, elegant, and stylish. It is about paying attention to details and finding the perfect fit for the clothes. That elevates the overall image of men and boosts their confidence.


Despite the universal sizing vocabulary of letters (S, M, L, XL, etc.) or numbers, all brands have no standardized sizing. Each brand establishes its measurement criteria and scales its patterns to achieve the rest of the sizes. Trying clothes on before purchasing or considering a custom-tailored wardrobe is essential to ensure a proper fit.


1. To ensure a proper jacket fit, locate the junction of your clavicle and arm, where the shoulder seam should sit. 

2. When fastening the jacket, buckle the first button if it has two buttons or the middle button if it has three, ensuring it is positioned just above your navel to maintain the correct proportions. 

3. Additionally, ensure that there is no space between the jacket lapel and the shirt collar, which indicates the jacket is too tight.

Jacket and blazer shoulder fit

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The blazer or jacket’s shoulder should align with your shoulder line without causing any bunching or pulling.

Men's jacket and blazer fit

The blazer or jacket should be able to close smoothly without any pulling or discomfort, ensuring that there are no wrinkles or extra fabric.

Men's jacket and blazer sleeve fit

The blazer or jacket sleeve should end at the wrist break, revealing about 1/2″ of the shirt cuff for an ideal fit. If the sleeves are too long, they can make you appear shorter than your height.


Size: To determine your pants size, make sure to button them up first. Simply being able to close it is not enough to determine if the pants are the right size for you. The waistband should fit snugly around your waist without being too loose or tight to choose the correct size.

Proportions: To ensure a good fit for pants, pay attention to the upper and lower parts. When buttoned, the waistband should fit snugly without causing any creases or bulges. Additionally, the length of the pants is essential; they should touch the shoe slightly without creating a baggy or wrinkled appearance around the ankle. Wearing too long pants can cause the fabric to swirl around the shoe and create an unkempt look.

Fit or cut: The fit of your pants is a matter of personal preference and style, whether you prefer a tighter or looser fit. Nevertheless, slim-fit pants tend to suit most body types and offer versatility.

Pants back fit

Ensure that the pants don’t have any wrinkles or excess fabric at the back.

Pants length fit

The ideal length of pants should have a slight break at the shoe.


Size: The crucial factor is the shoulder measurement to determine the right size for a shirt. Locate where your clavicle and arm bone meet, and the seam that connects the shirt’s body with the sleeve should align with this point. This measurement applies to any upper garment.

For shirts specifically, the neck measurement is also essential. Button up the shirt’s top and ensure the collar is not too loose or tight. You should be able to fit one finger between your neck and the shirt for the perfect fit. Avoid oversized cuts, and ensure the shirt has no wrinkles or extra fabric at the back.

Proportions: After finding the right size, it is important to pay attention to proportions. The shirt cuff should fall on your wrist bone when you bend your arm. If the cuff is too long, consider having the shirt tailored to fit you properly.

Fit or cut: All shirts don’t fit the same due to the different cuts available: regular fit, tailored fit, custom fit, slim fit, etc. These cuts range from loosest to the most fitted, with regular fit falling straight from the shoulder to the hem, while slim fit tapers from the shoulder to the hem.

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