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Men Cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the accessories that men have been wearing for the most years. Cufflinks have a practical function, such as the closure of shirt cuffs, but they are mainly a small aesthetic accessory in a wide variety of shapes, materials and prices. Since their appearance in the fifteenth century, the cufflinks have evolved to become a protocol jewel but also an inspiring one. From the gold and precious stones of its beginnings, it has evolved into materials such as silver, gold, steel, rubber or titanium.

In the America of 1880, George Krementz patented a device based on a civil war scabbard-making machine, which could mass-produce buttons and cufflinks. All American companies began to order cufflinks for advertising or as gifts to encourage their customers. Nowadays, cufflinks for shirts have a very daily use, but it is a mandatory element of protocol for important events. The most luxurious shirts usually have double cuffs to complement them with cufflinks. Every man can choose the design and material that he prefers based on his personal style.


Above all, the color of the cufflinks should match that of the suit or tie. In general, it is necessary to assess the level of elegance or informality that the appointment requires. If you are naturally more daring with your style, you can opt for a combination of strong contrast. For example, blue tie and red cufflinks or vice versa. However, we advise you to keep the colors more muted.

To put the cufflinks on a shirt, it needs to be a double cuff or French cuff. The cuff lapels must have buttonholes, four per sleeve in total. The difference between the sleeves of the shirt and those of the jacket should be just over a centimeter apart, which means the cufflinks will stay hidden when you are standing up for surprise later.

As for the color of the shirt, white is a good option, although a light blue hue or one with fine stripes can be a great choice too. If you opt for another color, it would be convenient to establish a certain harmony between the shirt and the cufflinks. So, we recommend you to wear a classic white shirt that allows you to combine it with accessories of all kinds of colors and styles, although you have to be aware of combining the tone of the metals taking as a reference, for example, the watch. If it is silver, the matching cufflinks must also be made of silver.

Ideally, the cufflinks should remain hidden when the person is standing and visible when the person bends the elbow or sits. For important events and high-level meetings, it is advisable to use cufflinks, as established by protocol. In those cases, the ideal is for the cufflinks to be gold or silver, even personalized with the initials engraved.


Most cufflink have three parts: the obverse, which corresponds to the decorative top of the piece; the pin is the component that goes through the eyelets to engage the bolt; and the cap screw, that is the lower part and rotates 90 degrees so that the cufflink remains fixed and does not come out of the eyelet. Depending on the material, we have selected a few elegant and stylish models:

1. Solid gold

Gold Cufflinks

True to his tradition of excellence and his taste for beautiful objects, Cartier creates a collection of small accessories with a touch of elegance. This is the case of the Panthère de Cartier Cufflinks in solid gold, with two eyes made of tsavorite, a black lacquer muzzle and a half black onyx ball.

2. Steel and rubber

With their harmonious proportions and an innovative mix of materials, these Mille Miglia cufflinks in steel with rubber inlays are just as elegant as modern. Enhanced by a mix of the shine of steel and the smooth matte of rubber, these luxurious cufflinks feature a Dunlop tire design and are all about automotive design flair.

3. Sterling silver design

The world-renowned brand Gucci creates original and polished cufflinks designs. The creations of cufflinks in sterling silver are perfect for executive men to wear on both special occasions and their daily lives. This one is easy to combine because of its detail in black.

Montblanc also has great silver cufflinks. This pair of cufflinks designed by the luxury Montblanc brand are made in silver with a polished finish that also has Onyx. It is very elegant and unique. Its snake-shaped design gives the wearer a feeling of power and confidence. In addition, it has a simple type of closure and a perfect black finish.

4. Titanium and diamond


The men’s collection from the Messika house launched the Move Titanium line, which is made of cufflinks in natural or totally black titanium. With a rectangular design and its diamond in continuous movement, this new piece, elegant and sober, has a very contemporary and chic style.  Titanium is a highly resistant and biocompatible metal. It is a new addition to the list of metals used in jewelry. It has a much more modern style and a neutral gray tone that is outside the color range, so it is very easy to combine.

These Baunat brand cufflinks in 950 platinum with onyx and a central diamond are a jewel of the highest quality handcrafted by the goldsmiths of the Antwerp workshop. They are hypoallergenic and fortified by a small amount of ruthenium. They are ideal, above all, for black-tie events that take place at night. They give men a sophisticated look and are ideal for occasions such as business meetings. You can include a personalized engraving thanks to its design.

5. Watchmaking steel 

If you like to wear original accessories that match your personal style, Montblanc steel cufflinks are a great option. They have a variety of designs with the brand’s distinctive style. All of their cufflinks are high-quality and long-lasting.

6. Silk knot cufflinks 

The silk knots are the perfect finish to the subdued black-tie ensemble. First developed by French tailors in the 1800s, silk knots are a classy and traditional way to close your French or turn-back cuffs. When you are not dressing up in a formal way, try these with French cuffs on a dark print or patterned shirt. The irregular surface of the knot makes this a more casual style, especially when they are designed with various colors.


Personalize the cufflinks of your shirt and stand out. For years, cufflinks have always been seen as a symbol of elegance. It is one of the most important men’s accessories along with shoes, belts and ties. Moreover, there are currently many types of cufflinks: golden and silver, monogrammed, antique or with certain decorations such as rhinestones and pearls. But, there are also cufflinks for all tastes and for all kinds of occasions.

Ideally, you should buy a pair of cufflinks in the same tone as another accessory that you are going to wear; therefore, if you wear a silver watch, get a pair of that color. Then, you can choose an original or discreet design, as you wish. If you want your cufflinks to be even more personalized, you can incorporate an engraving that you would choose.

That is the perfect detail for the most classic, for those who like to stand out with unique pieces or, also, for those special moments in which you want to bring a distinctive touch to your outfits. In recent years, there has been the trend of giving the grooms personalized cufflinks for their wedding day, since it is a unique and special jewel that will last forever and that they can enjoy. Cufflinks represent success and confidence.

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