The Importance of Men Using Body Cream

We all know what body creams and body lotions are. White, smooth texture, and a substance to apply onto the skin when there are signs of dryness. Let me take a wild guess, you only use body cream if there is an article of clothing exposing the ashy, snake-like, skin texture. Guilty? You are not the only one, this is something we all tend to do. It may be an extra step in your daily routine but you are going to want to know the importance of men using body cream.


The application of body cream has many benefits, one being a hydrating factor that comes with moisturizing. When you are consistently adding hydration to the skin you are locking in collagen and elastin proteins. This will prolong soft and supple skin now and in the future. The best time to apply body cream is after the shower because it will trap the water on the surface of your skin.

Good Scent

We previously talked about the importance of men having good hygiene. One important factor that represents that is smelling good. Body creams often come with a scent, if you decide to replicate the scent of your cologne, it will increase the smell you are trying to achieve.

Smelling good is an extremely positive trait. It catches the attention of people passing by and it does not go unnoticed. Scents also register well in people’s mind, you want to have a reputation of always smelling good.

Soft Skin

Frequent signs of moisturizing can help soothe the skin while keeping its elasticity. This is not only for your benefit but for your significant other’s as well. Women will tend to appreciate men who have a softer bodily touch. Smooth skin will make them irresistible. The importance of men using body cream is not just for soft skin. It has other purposes such as reducing:

– Irritation

– Ashiness

– Itchiness

– Rough areas

Decrease Signs of Aging

Applying lotion all year round is a great preventative care measure for the skin. Men often neglect to take care of the body yet it should be treated the same way they take care of the face. The skin on your body is the birthday suit that men wear for the entire life and it can’t be taken off. Any stains and wrinkles are not easy to remove once they are formed on the body.

Extra attention should be provided such as wearing body cream or lotion for hydration and sunscreen for sun-protection. Take a look at our grooming editorial section for further tips on how to improve your self-care.

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