The Essentials You Need to Pack for Any Trip

Despite what is happening in the world now, getting the opportunity to travel the world is one of the most exciting experiences. Soaking in the culture, broadening your horizon, and viewing the world from another perspective can bring so much inspiration to your life.

Get ready to embark on a new journey but before you take off, you need to pack. We prepared a checklist so you know exactly what to pack for any trip so you don’t leave anything behind while abroad.


Whether you are traveling for work, an event, or leisure you want to pack according to the activities you have planned. Think about the season and use your travel destination as a guide for the attire. For any reason, you are traveling, my best advice is to have a formal outfit ready even if you are not expecting to dress up. On any occasion, it is always better to overdress than underdress.


– Sleepwear

– Gym attire

– Cozy outerwear


– Comfortable tennis shoes

– Your favorite jeans

– T-shirts


– Button-up shirt

– Dress pants

– Belt


Hotels usually provide the basics such as body lotion, shampoo, and shower gels but you will need more than that to get by.

To be more comfortable, you are going to want to pack all the items you use on a daily basis. Keep in mind if you are only taking carry-on luggage for a flight, take a look at TSA requirements to ensure you are following the guidelines.

– Toothbrush and toothpaste

– Deodorant

– Morning and night skincare


– Hair products

First Aid

When traveling to another country, it is always a good idea to have the basics on hand to be prepared for anything. You don’t know how accessible a convenient store will be or how your body will react to a foreign medication. Travel first aid items may seem like they are taking up space but once you need it, you will be glad you brought them with you.

– Contacts and solution

– Band-Aids

– Tweezers

– Over the counter medicine to relieve pain, fever, common cold, etc.

– Medicine for an upset stomach


Hang on tight, this packing list is coming to an end. Now that your suitcase is just about full, you don’t want to forget these obvious items. The things we need the most are sometimes things that will often slip our minds. These items listed below are must-haves to pack for any trip.

– Swimwear

– Undergarments and socks

– International power adapters

– Sunglasses

– Earphones

Now that you are packed and ready to go, we wish each and every single one of you a safe journey. The world has so much to offer and traveling is a great way to experience it all. Be open to trying new cuisines, learning the language, and adapting to the culture.

If you find your way to Seoul, Korea make sure to stop by the SUIT MAKE office. We would be filled with joy to see you. Before you head off, don’t forget your passport, your flight is about to take off. Bon Voyage!

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