The Best Countries to Visit during Covid-19


Last year in 2020 when coronavirus hit our world, we were not expecting what a terrible phenomenon it would become. Masks and social distancing have become a part of our everyday routine. Basically, our world has changed in many ways. After a rough year, everyone is in much need of a mental and physical break. Although CDC professionals are still advising against traveling, there are a few countries that are extremely safe for a little getaway. Keep reading to find out the best countries to visit during Covid-19.

Costa Rica – A Country in Central America

Although Covid peaked during the winter of 2020, this year Costa Rica is at a low in terms of cases. A negative test is not needed upon arrival but a health pass form must be filled out for access. Of course, things are always changing when it comes to the virus. As of now, Costa Rica is one of the safest places you can visit with family or friends. Lay on the beach with a deliciously high calorie cocktail in a coconut and take a much-needed break from the insanity that is coronavirus.

Fiji – A Country in Oceania

Currently, Fiji is rated at a Level 1 in coronavirus cases making it a great option for a vacation spot. You must get tested at least one to three days before your date of travel. As long as all entry requirements are followed, the sensational island of Fiji is a safe and relaxing option. Explore this breathtaking destination and its’ white sandy beaches. Scour the clear blue waters and scenery while snorkeling and surfing. Fiji is known for its underwater adventures so make sure to take full advantage when visiting.

New Zealand- A Country in Oceania

New Zealand has done an excellent job in following Covid safety protocols which makes their level of cases extremely low. Like Fiji, a test is needed one to three days before your trip. The incredible landscape in New Zealand is truly a sight to see. Filled with amazing activities such as mountain biking, backpacking and hiking, this country is made for the free-spirited adventurer. If you’re going all the way there, make the most of your trip and poke at the thrill inside of you by going bungee jumping. Think of how awesome you will sound when telling people, you went to New Zealand and bungee jumped!

Optimistically, this will all be over sooner rather than later so we can go back to traveling normally. Until then, hopefully these few country options can help you plan your next trip. Packing your suitcase correctly can be a struggle especially when you’re trying to fit in a bunch of shoes with your clothes in one bag. Let us help you pack accordingly with our suitcase packing service.

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