Tattoo Removal Tips to Erase Unwanted Ink

‘Looking back to our younger years, we probably made decisions that we didn’t think through. One of those impulsive decisions may be getting a tattoo in a very well visible place. Tattoos have the power of carrying a significant meaning. Oftentimes, they may hold a bad reputation and limit opportunities in a professional workplace. Whether you regret the tattoo or just trying to hide it for the day, keep reading for tattoo removal tips.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The reason why people emphasize to think clearly before you get body ink is that undoing it is a long procedure. The only way to permanently remove a tattoo is with a laser. The skin is numbed with a local anesthetic before pulses of high energy heat is used to break up the tattoo ink on the skin. Consult with a specialist for further information.


  • Depending on your tolerance, the laser procedure pain can be bearable.
  • Quick recovery time as a non-invasive procedure
  • High success rate


  • High price point
  • May cause skin irritation or infection
  • Results may not be immediate as time is needed to fade and multiple treatments may be required.

High Coverage Makeup

There can be many situations where you need to cover a tattoo for the time being. To temporarily “remove” a tattoo from your body, using high coverage makeup will get the job done.

To get the most coverage and the best effect follow these steps:

To prevent the makeup from coming off, avoid water and touching the surface. Although makeup is removable, setting the area with powder will prolong the coverage.

Tips on How To Hide It

A simple way to hide a visible tattoo is by using clothing. Some examples include:

  • Wear high top shoes to cover ink
    around the ankles.
  • Put on a turtleneck or scarf for ink around the neck.
  • Wear a thick cuff bracelet, wrist sports band, or oversized watch to conceal ink around the wrist.

Hopefully, you were able to find insightful tips for erasing your unwanted ink. While you are here, take a look at our other editorials regarding grooming, lifestyle, fashion, and more.

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