How to Choose Sunglasses for your Face Type

Sunglasses are daily practical and aesthetic accessories and are essentials for every season, regardless of the weather.

Wearing stylish, well-fitted sunglasses gives men a touch of elegance. A wide variety of frames, shapes, colors, and sizes are available. Choosing the ones that best suit you will elevate your style. The key point to knowing which sunglasses look best on you is your face type.

The most flattering sunglasses for you are those that balance your facial features and hairstyle. Book an image consultation on the STYiLES app to discover your face type and get expert advice on which accessories suit you.


You should feel confident and comfortable wearing sunglasses, so select the ones that make you look attractive. Often people pay attention to whether they are patterned or solid-colored, but the most important is their shape.

Men's Face Types

We have selected sunglasses that suit different men’s face shapes from Ahlem, which categorizes their designs according to all face types.

Sunglasses for round faces

Characteristics: Broad forehead, round cheeks, rounded chin.

If your face is rounded, use your sunglasses to make it look narrower. To do this, choose angled frames that are wider than the cheekbones. Straight or geometric shapes will flatter your features. Ideally, the bridge of the sunglasses should be solid. Avoid large and striking frames. Your goal is to balance your face’s natural curves, making it look slimmer and longer.

Sunglasses for round face type

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Sunglasses for oval faces

Characteristics: Balanced proportions trait, high cheekbones, narrow chin.

If you have an oval face, the choice of sunglasses will be easier since most of the frames will suit you as long as they are not too large. Oval faces have balanced and proportionate dimensions, so any sunglasses flatter them. However, avoid ones with a narrow frame that makes a face look more elongated and with large proportions which dwarf it.

Sunglasses for oval face type

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Sunglasses for square and rectangular faces

Characteristics: Prominent jaw, angular features, broad forehead.

Men with rectangular faces should choose sunglasses that soften their facial features. The goal will be to lengthen the face by adding curves. Round or oval-shaped glasses will make you look great.
A perfect option for this type of face is aviator-style sunglasses with skinny metal frames. The shape of its crystals is also the most optical for these facial structures. Avoid very rectangular and angled frames, which will cause an even wider face sensation.

Sunglasses for square face type

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Sunglasses for triangle and heart-shaped faces

Characteristics: Broad forehead, narrow sharp chin, high cheekbones.

For triangular-shaped faces, oval frames are the most appropriate. Avoid sunglasses that are metallic and have dark colors. Choose more flattering sunglasses at the bottom, with rounded edges, soft colors, and light materials to offset the features.

Sunglasses for triangle and heart face type

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Sunglasses for elongated faces

Characteristics: Elongated features, some have prominent chin.

Since elongated faces are long and very narrow, round frames are appropriate to break with that verticality. The most flattering are large and thin frames to minimize the longitudinal visual effect and alter it so that the face appears shorter and with oval lines.

Sunglasses for long face type

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