7 Essential Steps for Men to Look Elegant in 2023

A man wears a suit and looks elegant

Elegance is a fundamental element in men’s styles. An elegant man looks attractive, smart, and charismatic. That enhances their overall image and leaves a great impression on the people they meet. Apart from having a great behavior, a significant part of appearing elegant resides in dressing with polished outfits for work and daily life.

The traditional men’s wardrobes are classic, such as suits and dress shoes. It is also necessary to stay updated in fashion and incorporate modern details in men’s outfits, but always with a foundation of classic style. Book an image consultation on the STYiLES app and get expert advice to look like an elegant gentleman this 2023.


1. Focus on the quality of the wardrobe

Always wear quality clothes and accessories. Items that have been made with expertise and care fit better and enhance your personal image. For instance, wear custom-tailored clothes. Those are made with high-end fabrics and will fit you perfectly. From a tailored suit and customized ties to leather belts and shoes, premium products upgrade your style presenting the best of yourself.

2. Get the essentials

If you hesitate to select an outfit, always bet on classic items such as a top navy coat, a navy blazer, a white shirt and gray pleated pants. These pieces have been in the men’s wardrobe staples, and it is for a reason. They have the approval of several generations of men, from different eras and styles. Their most traditional and sophisticated designs flatter all men.

If you want to look good without spending too much time and effort into it, then you should invest in versatile pieces such as navy stripe vest or denim shirt that you can combine in different ways and that can look dressy or casual depending on the whole outfit. 

3. Wear colors that suit you

Another key point to achieve an elegant style is the choice of colors. Everyone has a different tone of their skin that determines the color that looks best on them. Book an image consultation or personalized color analysis to learn about your specific skin tone, hair color… and get a wardrobe based on that.

4. Select clothes of your exact size

The ideal is to get tailored clothes in your exact size, regardless of what the trends of the moment are. Not too tight, which can appear inappropriate, and neither too baggy, that can look sloppy. You should feel great and comfortable at the same time. Book a consultation with an image consultant who analyzes the suitable style and size for you.

5. Remember that details always make the difference

If you already have the above points mastered, there is nothing like accessories to properly finish off an elegant outfit. A watch, sunglasses that suit your face shape, a leather belt, cufflinks… Any detail, no matter how small it may seem, will be the one that marks your style.

With accessories, quality is always better than quantity. You don’t need to have rings in every finger, wear a scarf, glasses, a hat, ties, and more. It is better to choose only a few pieces that complete your look. We recommend leather accessories such as watches and bracelets that look sophisticated.

6. Pay attention to the shoes

Shoes are a key factor in any elegant outfit. You should have two or three pairs of polished shoes that are perfect to wear on any occasion, either with a suit or jeans. A few pairs of leather brogues, loafers in black or brown, and simple sneakers are must-haves. The shoes are the ones that truly speak of men’s taste and style.

7. Keep proper posture at all times

The best way to look like an elegant man is by highlighting the confidence you have in yourself, taking care of an upright posture and non-verbal communication. Make sure to:

  • Straighten up when walking and sitting
  • Keep comfortable eye contact
  • Do subtle hand gestures


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