How to Get Ready for Spring Style

A man wearing a white shirt for a spring style

The change of season requires a transition in men’s fashion. The temperatures start to get mild, so the darker and thicker winter clothes are not as convenient anymore. Then, it is important to start building a transitional wardrobe filled with stylish light-colored clothes, fine sweaters and coats that will allow men to layer their outfits and be properly dressed. The relaxed and vivid atmosphere that comes with spring lets men freshen up their looks.

Style Konsult is explaining in detail how to get ready for spring style for men. A professional and skilled image consultant will give you wise advice for you to look neat, polished and fashionable when temperatures start getting warmer. Read carefully this article to know how Style Konsult’s image consulting and personal shopping services will upgrade your spring outfits and make you bloom like a graceful flower.


1. Learn how to layer your clothes for the mild temperatures

It is essential for men to learn how to build layered outfits when the cold winter temperatures begin to rise and the weather becomes milder. You have to be prepared to keep your body warm if it gets cold and to keep it cool if it gets warmer. That is why you will not have to wear thick sweaters and jackets anymore, but still put on some thinner ones that protect you from the changing weather.

One of the key combinations that image consultants will explain further to you is to wear a shirt under a fine sweater to create a stylish and warm outfit. An image consultation will give you all the tips you need to know which colors, fabrics and designs suit you best. There is no better way to gear up for spring than to get advice from a professional who will teach you which are the perfect tops, pants, shoes and accessories for you to combine and look flawless this coming season.

2. Build well-fitting and chic outfits for every occasion

In case you want to look your best for the transitional weather and spring, it is appropriate to order some custom-tailored clothing that fits you perfectly. The image consultant will decide which fabrics and styles look best on you and take your body measurements to make sure you get high-quality shirts, suits, pants, jackets, ties… that will polish up your spring outfits. 

A man has to be prepared to wear elegant clothes for both formal and informal events. Therefore, the image consultant will tell you which are the essential customized clothing items that you need to wear in order to make the most out of your potential. Wear garments made of high-end fabrics to look immaculate for every occasion.

3. Get expert advice on grooming and styling for spring

The way a man has to groom himself during winter is different from the routines he has to follow in spring. Image consultants will give you indispensable tips to take good care of your skin with the arrival of strong radiation and sun exposure. The ideal way to keep your skin youthful and shining is to apply moisturizer and sunscreen daily. Maintain the skin’s luminosity lost due to the lack of vitamin D and, above all, give the skin the necessary strength to receive high doses of solar rays, those typical of spring. A grooming consultation is the right option to get to know which are the products and treatments that work best on your skin.

On the other hand, men’s hair styles for spring tend to be shorter than those for winter. During the coldest season of the year, men protect their scalps from the freezing weather by letting their hair grow a little longer, but in spring the most appropriate haircuts are shorter. That way, men have a feeling of lightness and freshness when temperatures rise. With the help of an experienced image consultant, you will get advice on how to style your hair to look your best and which barber shops to go to.

4. Understand how to freshen up your looks with elegance

Dive into spring’s bright vibes to experiment with fashion and have fun wearing modish outfits. An image consultant will explain to you how you can be stylish as well as refined during spring. It is necessary that you comprehend the balance between a trendy style and elegance. A man’s charisma and personality determines if he can pull off more of a classic or modern look. The image consultant will take the best of both worlds and build outfits that make every man shine. For example, if you wear a light-colored green or pink shirt, the pants will have to be more plain and neutral in order to balance the look. Those are some of the key points that an image consultation will teach you.

Finally, image consultants will advise men on which footwear and accessories are more convenient for spring, such as sunglasses, watches, caps… Moreover, image consultants will let their clients know which the best products from great brands are and how they can combine them. In conclusion, Style Konsult recommends men to enhance their style with image consulting services so they feel more confident throughout spring.

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