Spring Date Outfit Fashion Tips for Men

A man wearing a thin blazer over a shirt for a spring date outfit

Spring is the perfect season to go on dates with your loved one and enjoy the warmer weather together. That is why men should build stylish and elegant spring date night outfits for outdoor spring dates. When the milder temperatures come, it is the time for men to layer fashionable clothes and wear accessories to refresh and upgrade their outfits. Menswear for spring is very diverse in fabrics and colors. The key point is to wear fashionable and modern clothes that are also polished. Discover some of the most effective fashion tips for men to build spring date outfits that will make them shine in style.

It is very important that men feel comfortable and confident on a date, so express yourself just as you are to shine in style. We advise men to select high-quality clothes and combine them with accessories, which will show your partner how much you care about looking your best for her. Impress your date by wearing a cool outfit and an alluring perfume that smells better than the bloomed flowers. Style Konsult is giving you key tips about which clothing and accessories you should wear on spring dates to amaze your partner and make her fall in love with you over and over again.


If you have already built a consistent wardrobe for spring, the task will be much simplified. Light-colored suits, a couple of plain shirts, some unwashed jeans and white sneakers will be your spring fashion allies. All of these items can be mixed and matched with each other because they work together. Keep in mind that you should focus on the essentials, but then add trendy pieces and accessories like sunglasses, a good watch and a belt.


First of all, know that spring weather is very fluctuating, so you must get both long and short sleeve tops. When the temperatures drop, wear a long sleeve top and, when they rise, a short sleeve one. Then, once you start building a general idea of an impressive spring outfit for your date, you must take into account that a t-shirt is not the same as a shirt. As you have surely assumed, the first ones are more informal and the second ones polish up the look. On a day-to-day basis, the combinations may shift depending on the level of formality.

If your date plan is more specific, such as a dinner at a restaurant, you should wear a light-colored or white shirt under a fine sweater. You can also combine it with a suit to look fancier and smarter. Thinner sweaters are the perfect middle ground between a t-shirt and a shirt for spring, which is the right time of the year for men to wear more tops with patterns like plaid or stripes. As well, a vest made of a thin fabric will be trendy this spring. Wear a vest that is not too tight or oversized over a white shirt for a modern and stylish look.

As always, we give men the infallible advice of ordering custom-tailored t-shirts, shirts and suits for spring made with fabrics like cotton, linen, chambray, tropical wool and eyelet. You need to have a wide range of clothes with different fabrics in order to adapt to the situation and the temperatures, particularly if you will carry out an outdoor activity. In case that the date takes place in early spring, it is better if you take with you a fine blazer, sports coat or a denim jacket.

Trench coats are another star item in men’s spring fashion because they keep the gentleman’s aura and protect men from the chilly temperatures of spring’s rainy days, evenings and nights. However, if you plan to go on a date in mid-April and May during the day, you will have to wear a short sleeve chic t-shirt or a thin shirt combined with some modish and well-fitting pants.


For the pants, mind that you should always wear bottoms that fit you perfectly and that are of your exact size so you look neat. The three main types of pants that we recommend you to get as spring essentials are: chinos in beige, khaki, navy blue and black; jeans made of an unwashed fabric in dark blue and pleated pants in gray, black and beige. A man must be well dressed and comfortable at the same time. Mind that you should wear pants that are not too baggy or slim.

Chinos, jeans and pleated pants combine well with t-shirts, shirts or thin sweaters. The most relevant point is to create an outfit with a harmonious combination of colors. Do not wear flashy pants and try to balance your attire if the top is quite colorful. Then, wear a more neutral bottom. As an example, a top in light green or blue will match with either black, beige or gray pants. Also, avoid total-black outfits in spring, since your clothes will make you feel too hot and you will sweat a lot.

We advise you to get custom-tailored pants for spring made with specific fabrics that are convenient for the warmer weather, such as quality cotton or linen. That way, you will get pants that will last for a long time and that will suit and fit you. It is worth investing in prime clothing to build a practical, first-rate spring wardrobe.


When it comes to footwear, lace-up shoes are the formal and versatile option that never fails to captivate women. Even in warmer weather, a pair of brown or black loafers and brogues will impress your date. On the other hand, the key shoes for spring are some classic white sneakers, since they combine with every outfit and add a modern touch to men’s looks.  We do not recommend men to wear Chelsea boots during spring because they can be too warm for the mild weather. Above all, comfort is the number one priority. So, men have to get high-quality shoes made with high-end materials and great designs.


Spring is a season that allows men to have fun with fashion while keeping it sophisticated. The right accessories are men’s best friends when it comes to improving their overall image to look more stylish. We advise men to get a few pairs of sunglasses, preferably aviator or wayfarers. Those sunglasses are men’s all-time favorites to look more attractive and be protected from the sunlight.

Moreover, wear belts and ties to complete your graceful spring looks. As for ties, we recommend light-colored ones that are designed with simple patterns or light colors. Finally, the watch is the essential accessory that every man has to wear to enhance his looks. A good watch with a metallic or leather strap will make you look charismatic and dashing. Finally, even though it is not for all men, silver jewelry adds style to men’s outfits. Nevertheless, you should not wear more than just a few rings or a necklace. Jewelry can be really meaningful and charming if it suits the man’s personality and style.

Always build refined looks and avoid elements that stand out too much or that are very flashy like big caps, wide clothes in blazing colors, thick chains around the neck, gold jewelry or dazzling bow ties. In general, evade any item that can take your style and seriousness. There is nothing like the basics and essentials to put up a fashionable and comfortable spring date outfit that will make you feel confident.

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