Spring Date Ideas and Complete Guide

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Spring is the season of cherry blossoms and nice weather, so it is the perfect time for you to go on romantic dates with your partner. You may have run out of ideas to plan memorable and original dates to impress and surprise your loved one. But, there is always something new and exciting for you to do together. The most important thing is that you are confident and thoughtful when planning dates.

Take advantage of spring’s warm weather, beautiful sceneries and bright atmosphere to share unforgettable memories with your partner. Style Konsult’s is sharing some key spring date ideas for you to enjoy lovely dates this new season. Read carefully to get amazing ideas on how to organize dates that will delight your loved one. Your love will bloom like the flowers!


1. Choose a pretty location

The first thing you must take into account is the place. For spring, you can choose both indoor and outdoor locations because the weather has already gotten warmer. You could eat and talk at a unique bar or cafe in the city. Another wonderful plan would be to take a walk and have a picnic at a park or a river.

Make sure that the place allows you to observe the blossoming trees, take calm walks and eat something delicious. The reason for choosing these types of locations is that they are spots where the vibes are relaxing, so you can focus on each other more. Do not forget to take many pretty pictures together.

2. Consider your partner’s preferences

It is fundamental to be thoughtful and attentive in order to think about the other person before you. Love is all about caring and showing affection, so prove that you always listen to what she says and that you understand her completely. If she mentions that she likes a specific activity or place, plan a date in which you live that experience together or go to the concrete location that she has always wanted to visit. She will be grateful and joyful. You will totally melt her heart.

3. Dress and groom yourself properly

If you wear the right clothes and perfume, it will make a positive impact. Build a polished outfit and wear a captivating fragrance that smells better than the flowers. A fashionable look would be a light-colored shirt combined with some nice jeans or chinos. Neat footwear is also relevant, so wear loafers or white sneakers to complete the look. Your date will not be able to take her eyes off you and feel attracted to you. It will boost your confidence and make you feel content throughout the date.

4. Be a gentleman and plan everything for her

In case you are planning a surprise date, take into account each detail so everything flows naturally and nothing unexpected happens. You have to arrange a dreamy date in which your loved one can disconnect from daily life and have fun. You should be in control of the situation and guide her. Yet, be open to her suggestions throughout the date.

Let your partner know that she just needs to relax and have the time of her life. However, do not worry too much or feel stressed because you want the date to be flawless. Arrange the main points, such as the transportation or the restaurant where you will eat.

5. Keep it casual and fun

If you are going to have a very active day, you may want to pack a picnic. Bring a bottle of champagne or wine to make the moment extra special. It is best to avoid places that are too fancy because you can be tense. Plan a more intimate date, but avoid eating at fast food restaurants or going to common places. Be creative and take your girlfriend to exceptional places.

6. Accept that you cannot plan everything

Once the plans are ready, all you can do is let the day flow and enjoy every moment. If something goes wrong and the restaurant accidentally cancels your reservation or there is a traffic jam that prevents you from being on time, it is best to calm down and avoid making a scene in front of your partner. Remember that your priority is to have a good time together so that you feel more connected and happy.


1. Preparing dinner at home

There is nothing more romantic than cooking for your loved one. If you plan to stay home, cooking for her is one way to make her feel special. Plus, girls think that a man who has good cooking skills is attractive. Cook a dish that you have already made before so you know it will turn out well and be delicious.

2. Having breakfast at a charming cafe

Organize a breakfast date to spend a smooth and peaceful time together. If you two are in the mood, the date could last all day. It is a fun, casual way to talk and chill. That way, you will make her appreciate the little details that you do for her. Take her hand and smile at her while drinking coffee. She will absolutely love it!

3. Practicing a fun sport

If you both like sports, take her to a sports club where you can play tennis or golf. It will be the best way to have a great time together by sharing a hobby as healthy as practicing sports. Other entertaining sports that we recommend you practice together are biking or roller skating at the park or beach during sunset.

4. Enjoying a cocktails night

For something more glamorous and elegant, plan to meet up at night and do a cocktail tasting. Gin and tonics, margaritas, mojitos… Cocktails are fascinating. It will be thrilling for her to go to a place full of chic people where you can have a drink while relaxing and talking. That is an awesome plan to seduce her.

5. Relaxing on a beach getaway

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, take advantage of it and escape for a couple of days to spend a romantic time by the sea. Bring something to eat, your favorite wine and a bathing suit. She will enjoy the ocean, your company and the sun. Watch the sunset and gaze at the stars.

6. Going on a road trip

Get out of the fast-paced routine and city traffic and drive somewhere you want to visit together. It can be a cute town, a nature reserve, a park or an antique market. Your destination should not necessarily be close either, since the time you spend on the journey can be greatly enjoyed.

Some other ideas would be to go to a museum together or to spend the evening at a place with pretty views. The key point is to slow down and be in the moment. Tell your date how much you love her and to give her a precious gift, such as flowers. It will be the ideal ending to an incredible date.

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