Men's Personal Branding

Personal Branding Service


Jen's Virtual Image Consulting Services

What does this service include?

Build a personal brand with the right style, image, and lifestyle to present yourself in a professional and effective way. From the clothes you wear to your communication skills, our image consultant will give you all the tools you need to be more successful.

Why do men need personal branding service?

Achieve your style goals with the help of an image consultant who builds chic and polished outfits for you. Update your wardrobe with high-quality garments that suit your style and personality. Find out which are your true colors to shine in style and take your looks to the next level. Trust a skilled image consultant who refreshes, customizes and enhances your entire closet.

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Who can opt for this service?

Entrepreneurs, executive managers, CEOs, businessmen and working professionals, especially men in their 30-40s, who want to build sophisticated wardrobes.

Personal Branding Process

Step 1
Book your personal shopping service with Style Konsult and share your fashion ambitions and wishes with the styling expert.
Step 2
Let the image consultant analyze your style and, then, try on all the outfits that she builds for you.
Step 3
Comprehend which style suits you best and fill your wardrobe with all the new items that the image consultant has purchased for you.
Step 4
Wear the new outfits that the image consultant has selected for you to feel more stylish and confident.
Step 5
Communicate to the image consultant your thoughts on your new style and let her know if you have any questions.