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Men's Online Makeover Consultation

Online Makeover Consulting Service

- What does this service include?

A makeover that enhances the appearance and presence of men who spend much time on screen during virtual meetings on Skype, Meet or Zoom. The consultation focuses on improving the image of the upper part of men’s bodies, since that is what is seen on screen. The online makeover includes tips about fashion, communication, behavior and grooming, from skincare to hair styling.

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- Why do men need an online makeover?

Men who spend plenty of time on screen need to improve their image and style to look their best during online professional meetings and conferences. Present a polished and smart image of yourself to appear more refined and cultivated on screen. The makeover will improve your dressing style, skin condition and hair appearance.

- Who can opt for this service?

Entrepreneurs, executive managers, CEOs, businessmen and professionals, especially men in their 30-40s, who wish to look their best on screen during virtual meetings.

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Online Makeover Consulting Process


Step 1

Schedule your online makeover consultation and tell the image consultant about how you want to improve your appearance on screen.

Step 2

Get expert advice from the image consultant on styling, fashion, grooming, behavior and communication to learn how to make the most out of your potential on screen.

Step 3

Try on the outfits that the image consultant builds for you, do the grooming routines that she recommends and transform your behavior to be more confident on screen.

Step 4

Examine the before and after with the image consultant and determine what you have improved and what you still need to work on.

Step 5

Let the image consultant know if you have any questions regarding the online makeover.

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Schedule an online makeover consultation to upgrade your image, style, behavior and communication on screen.

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