Romantic Plans and Gifts for Her on Valentine’s Day 2023

A couple kissing on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and men should get ready to plan a dreamy date with their partners in order to make the special day more memorable. Celebrating love is one of the most beautiful things to do, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for you to show all your affection to your loved one. That is why Style Konsult is offering ideas about the best plans and gifts for her so you organize a romantic Valentine’s Day date that makes your partner feel emotional and grateful.


1. Booking a room and stargazing

There is nothing more romantic than exploring the universe with your loved one. Stargazing is always much better surrounded by nature and your partner. Since it is winter, it would be better to go to a cabin with a campfire or to one of the popular rooms with a ceiling made of glass.

If possible, try to choose a stargazing location further away from the city, where the ambient light is as low as possible to enjoy the experience more. In case you want to go stargazing outdoors, do not forget to bring snacks and warm blankets. To make it more special, put your phones on silent and focus only on your partner. If you want to set the mood with music, we recommend that you take a speaker with a Bluetooth connection.

2. Having a romantic dinner at home

Preparing a thoughtful and delicious meal for your partner on Valentine’s Day is a great idea to show how much you care with effort and commitment. Besides, who can refuse a good homemade dinner in the best company? First, choose a recipe that you know your partner likes. Then, look for the moment to go to the supermarket and buy what you need. Remember, the fresher the better!

You may also want to include an appetizer and dessert for this date. Also, buy flowers, a box of chocolates or whatever your partner loves, and add more surprises to the date. Finally, set the mood with candles and music. Make sure to wear an elegant and chic outfit on the date in order to look your best and impress your partner.

3. Reading a letter to your partner

Writing a handwritten letter is one of the most classic options for Valentine’s Day. It is a fantastic way to show that you care and that you have worked hard to convey your feelings. You will not fail to make your partner smile if you read it out loud. A good idea is to go out and find a card with a design that you know your loved one will like. Write something sentimental, deep and intimate.

4. Relaxing and doing a self-care session at home

If you prefer a night relaxing and comfortable date on Valentine’s Day, pamper yourself with a self-care session. Visit a local beauty store and stock up on bath salts and face masks. Next, order food at home from your favorite restaurant to enjoy before your night of relaxation begins. Then, you and your partner can enjoy a bubble bath or curl up on your couch with a face mask while listening to your favorite music.

5. Recreating your first date

In case you and your partner have been dating for quite some time, it would be fun and remarkable to recreate your first date, even wearing the same clothes you wore that day if you still have them. You will be reminded of why you liked your partner and fall in love with her/him once again.


Now that you have a general idea of ​​how to organize your date, the next thing on the list is the awaited gift. Your partner will expect a meaningful gift, so think carefully about it. Here are some ideas to give your loved one an amazing present on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Tickets to go watch something your partner likes: a sports event, a movie, a play or a musical at a theatre, art at a gallery…
  2. Something ‘rare’ and unique related to their hobby, such as limited edition merchandise or specific equipment to practice a sport.
  3. Tickets to go on a trip together.
  4. Relaxing bath salts and self-care products.
  5. Silk pajamas, since there is nothing more comfortable and sexy to sleep.
  6. A letter/card handwritten in beautiful calligraphy, just as we have mentioned previously.
  7. Of course, flowers and a box of chocolates.


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