Quick Full Body Workout Plan for Men

Full Body Workout Plan

It is shocking that physical appearance is something that everyone struggles with yet many of us are reluctant to make any changes. It all begins with the right mindset. With social media setting high expectations for the ideal body image, our fitness goals seem unreachable. We all know that change can’t happen overnight but all it takes is making the first step.

Did you just say “I have no time”? Well, that is why we put together a quick full-body workout plan so you can reach your fitness goals. We hope that your motivation towards working out and looking good is slowly coming up to surface.

As a beginner’s guide, this full-body workout plan will consist of the 3 main targets men focus on first. This will be reducing body fat, defining your figure, and building arm muscles. These workouts can be completed in under 10 mins and consist of minimal equipment. Let’s begin!


View a 6-Minute HIIT workout

To slim down and target weight loss, an effective workout method is high-intensity interval training. If you don’t necessarily have a targeted muscle to focus on, I suggest doing this. It is the best way to increase physical activity in your day and burn calories. Benefits:

  • Burn more calories in a shorter amount of time
  • It can help you lose fat
  • It can reduce heart rate and blood pressure


View a 6-Minute Ab workout

Next is an area of our body that forms the highest insecurities, the stomach

After speaking with many clients throughout our image consulting services, we know that this affects the confidence in the type of clothing men wear. We understand that it may be frustrating when clothes don’t look nice due to our appearance. We can directly target this area by doing ab exercises. Benefits:

  • Slims down your waist
  • Decreases back pain
  • Improves your overall posture


View an Ultimate Dumbbell Arm Workout

Men want to appear strong and those signs are shown through the arms. When you flex you want defined muscles. We can tone the area by working the muscles in the bicep and tricep. Benefits:

  • More ease in lifting weighted items
  • Define muscles
  • More upper body strength

Remember, getting in shape is not just about performing an exercise. It goes hand in hand with diet as well. People call it a lifestyle change because it takes determination and consistency to reach your goal. This is the first step in making a difference in your appearance. Even though it may seem like you are far from seeing any results, you have what it takes to push through.

Stay confident throughout this journey because you are not alone. Check-in with us, we would love to see your progress!

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