5 New Year’s Eve Party Outfits for Men

A man wearing a suit for New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most memorable and special nights of the year. We say goodbye to 365 days that have been filled with unforgettable, precious memories and experiences. It is very emotional to remember everything we have been through, so we should rise to the occasion and celebrate it in style. Be the best version of yourself to welcome 2022!

You may celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with your family or at a party with friends, but you must always seek that perfect balance between comfort and glamour. New Year’s Eve is the perfect night to wear more unique and flashy clothes, while keeping it sophisticated and neat. Consider wearing accessories and original designs. You are looking for a versatile outfit that allows you to be warm, cozy, stylish and graceful throughout the celebration. Therefore, Style Konsult is recommending 5 outfits for New Year’s Eve that will make you look confident and very attractive.


1. Chic sweater with dark jeans or pleated pants

Be cozy and elegant during the last night of the year by wearing a super warm and original knitted sweater that can become the star of your outfit. The key to taking it to the next level is to select a basic sweater with a really nice color like dark green, beige, white, burgundy color… Geometric prints are also a good option. This way, you will feel comfortable and chic at a family gathering or party.

However, the look will only be complete and sophisticated if you combine all the winter clothes well. Wear dark jeans or pleated pants combined with some Chelsea boots or brogues to slay the outfit. Regarding the accessories, go for a watch and a silver necklace if you want to make your look more juvenile. You will create an outfit that is modern and classy at the same time.

2. Well-fitting jacket and dark jeans

Spending New Year’s Eve in jeans may be the dream for many men who look for the least fancy yet comfortable outfit. Still, do not get carried away by the most casual style. Go further in style and combine some dark jeans with a custom-tailored blazer that fits you perfectly and a matching fine sweater or t-shirt. Always keep in mind that black will look great and that it will create an infallible contrast in your outfit. Also, high-quality shoes like leather Oxford shoes or loafers will make a difference. This kind of outfit is both minimalist and avant-garde.

3. Custom-tailored suit and a plain t-shirt

In case you are seeking for a polished look that is also relaxed, we advise you to combine a suit with a black or white t-shirt. So, go for a classic-cut tuxedo to combine it with the basic clothing item par excellence: the white cotton t-shirt. As well, wear footwear with a more informal or modern cut, such as white sneakers or lace-up shoes. Like that, you will get the perfect 2021 New Year’s Eve outfit.

4. Vintage outfit with high-waisted pants and a turtleneck

If you are a man with a singular personality that loves to play with fashion in a unique way, a retro look will suit you very well. Go get inspiration searching for the star clothing items from previous decades, such as jackets with shoulder pads or baggy and high-waisted pants. In this case, we advise you to combine those original clothes with one of the garments of the season: the turtleneck, a trend that has been prevailing in recent times. To give it a contemporary touch, combine those items with boots or loafers. Finally, include an outstanding accessory like a brown or black belt. A mix of decades, styles and accessories are a safe bet.

5. Formal and elegant suit

It is always convenient to wear a classic suit to a more formal event. If you are attending a party where the atmosphere is more ceremonial and serious, wear your custom-tailored suit combined with a white t-shirt. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you wear a long coat as your covering for the cold weather. That way, you will look flawless and impeccable, just like a smart gentleman. As always, Style Konsult advises you to wear a customized tie as a key accessory and some brogues or Oxford shoes to complete the tasteful look.


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