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Men Belts

Belts are essential accessories for men. Among all the accessories that men use as part of their wardrobe, they are one of the most useful. In addition to adding a touch of elegance to men’s looks, they help to adjust their pants to prevent them from moving around, which is why wearing belts is often necessary. Every man needs high-quality leather one, which are classic and durable. They add a distinctive touch and elegance to the outfits. Without a doubt, they are a great accessory that never goes out of style.

There is a great variety of models and styles to choose from. Those made of leather are perfect for daily life, formal events or business attire. Leather ones are versatile for any occasion and you can wear them for everyday wear, formal wear, casual wear or for a professional look when you need to look your best. They combine well with uniforms, jeans or formal wear. For casual outfits, textured fabric ones are a great option. Keep in mind that belts must be as stylish as comfortable. The right one can help a man achieve his own sense of style and elevate his outfits.


Select the belt options focusing on quality, material and colors:

  • Formal looks: Leather, simple ones in black and navy.
  • Casual outfits: Weave/textured ones that are made of fabric in brown or multi-colored.

Men’s fashion dictates that shoes, pants, and belts should match or complement each other. That means a brown one goes with brown shoes, a black one with black shoes or brown one with white shoes. For example, a black one and khaki pants do not match, as a brown one worn with a black suit or dress pants. A man should have at least a black, navy and brown dress ones, or get a reversible one showing one of these classic colors at the same time. The belts should be made of a refined material like leather, a convincing faux leather. As well, shop fabric ones for daily life and casual occasions.

When choosing belts for work and special events, leather is the best choice. This classic material is attractive and durable, and it ages very well. When it comes to the color of a dress one, generally the darker the hue, the more formal it appears. Dark colors are more suitable for business attire, while lighter ones are better for casual attire.

The best belts are those that are handcrafted by the finest craftsmanship for maximum durability, with quality being the first priority. The ones that are made with top-quality genuine materials and a great buckle will give you a sophisticated look for everyday wear at work, special occasions, uniforms, work or business meetings. Avoid logo buckles. Instead, wear ones that are simple and timeless.

Here are two examples of high-end belts for both formal attire and casual outfits from the Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo:


Formal Belt

This Gancini belt is made with soft, rich materials the reversible shaft is two tone and has different textures on each side. On one side, the leather is smooth, and on the other it is hammered for a rich texture. Easy to switch, this flawless accessory features a rectangular buckle in a palladium finish to confirm a cool sophistication that is second to none. Adjustable length.



Casual Belt

Simple, chic and made of a beautifully braided Italian calf leather, this Ferragamo belt is the perfect finish for off duty looks. The design is a discreet show of the brand’s creativity with leather with a luxurious feel, echoed by the palladium-finish buckle with a rounded profile. Relaxed elegance at its best. Adjustable length.



Here are some key factors that you should consider before buying any belt or accessory:

  • Belt Length: This is an important factor to consider before buying a belt. Based on your outfit, you should always wear a relatively shorter one that fits properly around your waist. This will make it look elegant around your waist. In addition to this, you should always find a casual one that is longer and more flexible, but always make sure that it is not too long.
  • Belt Buckle Size: Belts have buckles of different sizes. For a formal suit, it is always advisable to choose one with a smaller buckle. On the other hand, leather ones with large, rounded buckles are better suited to casual wear. Therefore, we recommend you to find a smart leather one that always matches your clothes.
  • Buckle Style: Belts have different styles of buckles; slider pin buckles, tongue buckles, hook buckles, and the basic tongue buckles. In addition to the four styles of buckle, you need to find a buckle with the perfect style that suits your clothes, whether it is a casual or formal suit. Simple buckets are the most elegant and timeless.
  • Belt Color: This is another crucial factor that you need to take into consideration before buying a it. The color of the belt that you are going to buy should always match your outfits. First, choose dark ones for formal attire and light-colored ones for casual wear. Then, wear the belt that combines better with your clothes. For instance, when you wear black leather shoes and a black suit, then you should definitely wear a black one. Therefore, you should buy different colored ones for both your casual and formal outfits.


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