Mens Winter Fashion Tips and Style Guide for 2021

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As the leaves turn and the air gets cooler, fashion starts to change all over again. From shorts to pants, short sleeves to long sleeves, and sandals to boots, the colder weather calls for new fashion tips and trends for men. In this article, we talk about different tips you should follow and faux pas that you should avoid. You will want to look and feel your best this upcoming season. Especially since it is filled with an abundance of festive holidays and gatherings.

The goal which we are trying to achieve here is how to maintain the perfect balance of style and comfort. We know that it can be quite the challenge to figure out the medium that is just right for you. Especially, if choosing and matching outfits is not something that comes naturally to you. How can you successfully achieve a fashionable look for the cold while also making sure that you are warm and cozy? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you figure out. This article discussed the best coat, socks and layering options to help achieve eye-catching style for the cold weather. We promise, it really isn’t as hard as you probably think it is! Keep on reading to learn all about the fashion tips and faux pas of the colder season. You won’t be disappointed with our suggestions.

Long Top Coat 

Now I know the immediate decision for warmth is usually a thick puffer jacket. Who can blame you? They truly are sold everywhere you go. Although it is crucial you are kept warm so that you do not get sick, you also want to make sure that you don’t look like a puffy sausage. That is exactly what would happen the second you put on that puffer. That is not what you want is it? The puffer jacket is super unappealing and ruins your entire look. It makes you look bulky and messy. That is definitely not that direction that we want to go in.

Instead, consider a long top coat. This garment, is much more appealing, chic, and voguish. Buy a few different top coats in an array of colors for more options. Colors that we advise are blue, black, brown and grey. The reason we chose those hues, are because they are neutral and go with almost anything you could wear underneath. The best part about this coat is that you can simply wear it over any shirt, sweater, or pants and it will look amazing regardless.

Layers Layers Layers

Another well known fashion faux pas is the over layering of sweaters. That mistake happens quite commonly when men are desperate not to freeze. Who can blame them? We understand it is cold outside, but you don’t need to look like a snowman to keep yourself warm. It is almost impossible to move your body and arms around without feeling uncomfortable.

What you should do instead, is layer with thin t-shirts for a ton of extra padding. That way, when you are indoors or in a warmer environment, it will be much easier for you to peel off the layers as needed. If you wear a bunch of sweaters, you will not feel very comfortable or look very nice. Start off with a few thin-layered shirts and then slowly get into one or two sweaters and then top it off with a nice thick coat. This way, if it starts getting warm, all you have to do is take off the first layer or more until you feel just right. Trust us, this method is much more effective and comfortable. Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

Long socks over no socks

Our last fashion faux pas we notice a lot of men do, is wearing no show socks with boots. While this is less extreme than the previous two points, no show socks are simply a no go. These are super unflattering. Although others may not immediately notice them, it is still always good to be prepared. People notice more than you think they do. Rather than putting on those flimsy socks, wear long socks which cover a part of your leg. These are the perfect accent piece for a pop of color or pattern when you are sitting down.

With the no shows, when you are sitting it will be easy for people to either notice them or think you have no socks on. We don’t know which option is less appealing. Do yourself a favor and invest in some nice long socks. They come in so many colors and patterns, it is nearly impossible to run out of options. If you’re wearing a colored tie, you can match your socks to it to make it more trendy.

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