Men’s Easter Outfit Ideas for 2022

A man wears a spring outfit to celebrate Easter

Easter is a special holiday that people celebrate with most of their relatives and friends. So, you should wear stylish clothes to look your best and impress your loved ones. Even if you celebrate it at home, make the most of the occasion and build a sophisticated and chic outfit. Select refined clothes and accessories to enjoy the Easter gatherings in style.

Also, make sure that the outfit is suitable for the spring weather and that you groom yourself properly before the holiday celebrations. Style Konsult is offering advice on elegant men’s Easter outfit for 2022. Enhance your image and style to feel fashionable and confident on the memorable holiday.



The best tops options for your Easter outfit are: essential shirts in white or other light colors like blue, fine sweaters in pastel colors if the weather is still quite chilly, plain t-shirts that are made of high-end fabrics and that fit you well and lightweight vests over a white shirt or t-shirt.

Regardless of the weather, select long-sleeved tops to look more polished. Layer your outfit to feel comfortable no matter if the temperatures rise or drop. Find out which jackets to choose in the following section.


Wear a well-fitting suit jacket in black, gray, beige or navy blue to polish up your Easter look. Make sure that the jacket’s design and color match the pants. In case you are looking for a more relaxed look, you could wear a denim jacket that is not too light. Moreover, consider upgrading your holiday outfit with a trench coat. It is a suitable coat for spring that will make you look like a gentleman.


Appropriate pants for spring must be made with high-quality fabrics that are not too thick. We advise you to order custom-tailored pants that fit you perfectly and that make you feel confident. Some must-have pants in your wardrobe to build an Easter look are: chinos in beige, navy blue, black or khaki; suit pants in black, gray or dark blue and well-fitting jeans, preferably darker ones. Pick up the bottom that matches better with your top.


Leather white sneakers and loafers in black or brown are the key shoes to create flawless Easter looks. If you are wearing a suit jacket or formal pants, you can also wear brogues and oxford shoes. Do not forget that every detail matters and that wearing neat shoes makes a big difference in your overall appearance.


Finally, wear some dashing accessories such as a watch with a leather strap, a leather wallet, a leather belt and good sunglasses in case you are going outdoors. In order to give a smart touch to your outfit, wear a watch with a metallic strap in gold or silver and a customized tie in light colors combined with a white shirt.

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