Men’s Business Attire for Spring-Summer 2022

Spring-Summer business attire

Summer is around the corner. With the weather getting hotter, you will not need to layer your business attire much and quality attire that are breathable and lightweight are a must. It is necessary that you refresh your attire with the appropriate attire and accessories for hot and humid days.

Men can still look polished and stylish at work during late spring and summer. Make sure to stay as comfortable as elegant throughout this season. Style Konsult is explaining how men can put together chic and smart business outfits for spring-summer 2022. 

Business and office attire for men is diverse and sophisticated. The shirts, blazers, suits and dress pants still are the staples, but the fabrics and colors vary. As always, combine clothes made of high-end fabrics that are well-fitting. We recommend you wear long-sleeved tops despite the heat, but you also can put on short-sleeved polo shirts.

The best fabrics for this season are fine cotton, linen or seersucker, and the colors should be light and bright. White tops are a must-have, as well as beige, gray and black bottoms. Other great colors for men’s spring-summer business attire are light green, blue and orange. 



In case you need to wear a suit or a blazer to work all year long, you must get a variety of formal clothes that are fine and comfortable. In spring-summer, the warmer weather can make it difficult for men to avoid sweating when wearing a suit. In this case, wear custom-tailored thin blazers that are as modish as fresh.

You can also opt for the combination of the blazer and dress pants with a plain white t-shirt. The best colors for summer suits are beige and gray, in addition to the classics navy blue and black. The tie is optional, but we recommend you to wear it to important meetings or events as a refined business attire.


If you are wearing a shirt, avoid the ones with slim designs because they will make you sweat more. Shop customized shirts that are not too loose or tight and that let your body breathe. We recommend to wear linen shirts and fold the sleeve instead of wearing short sleeves. It is convenient that you get polo shirts in white and light colors for hot summer days at the office.

They are the perfect intermediate point between a shirt and a t-shirt. Moreover, you can always wear a vest to make the look a little more elegant. The vest works as an accent piece, and it also covers sweat stains on the shirt in warm spring and summer days because they are hidden under it. A vest can be matched with a round neck t-shirt to add a formality to the wardrobe.


For the pants, we advise you to wear dress pants or chinos in beige, gray, khaki or black. Chino pants are considered the perfect meeting point between suit pants and relaxed jeans. Do not wear shorts by any means. Wear light-colored pants that are versatile and stylish. We do not advise men to wear jeans to the office, but men in light-weight dark jeans can also look great at work if they do not have to attend any important events. The most important point is that the pants give you freedom of movement and that you feel fresh when wearing them.


The shoes will depend on the formality of your company. You can choose between classic footwear like brogues, loafers and Oxford shoes or leather white sneakers when the working atmosphere is more casual and relaxed. However, it is better if you use lace-up shoes at work because they add elegance and formality to your looks. Avoid all kind of sporty shoes and boots, since your feet will overheat in the summer weather. Finally, wear a pair of no-show socks instead of ankle socks for a summer airy look with loafers.

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