10-Step Men’s Workout Routine to Stay in Shape During Summer

Men Summer Workout Routine

The months from May to September are perfect for doing outdoor exercise, such as swimming in the ocean or hiking in the mountains. But when it comes to doing more intense workout routines, it may be a challenge due to the hot weather. But, the workout routines for the summer are very important to maintain the good shape that you have gained in the previous months of the year. Also, with the temperatures rising, remember to exercise daily and stay hydrated in order to be fit and healthy.

In addition to walking or running outdoors, dedicating between 30 and 45 minutes to practice a workout routine focused on training the different muscles will maintain your physical strength and shape. The workout routines for the summer will help you keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle during the hottest months of the year. If you want to go a little further, you can book a personal trainer who tells you what works best for you. So, what exercise routine should you follow during the summer? Here are some exercises you have to include in your summer workout routine:


Start with a warm-up by jumping rope or jumping while shaking your arms and continue with the series of exercises that you will see below. Repeat the series two or three times while resting 15 seconds between each exercise.

1. Jump rope: You can do it for a minute, faster or slower. It doesn’t matter if you go at your own pace. With this exercise, muscular resistance is developed, respiratory capacity is increased and performance is improved.

2. ‘Jump jack’: It is a perfect exercise to burn calories in a short time. It consists of opening and closing legs and arms simultaneously. With only 45 seconds, this activity allows you to improve circulation and exercise various muscle groups.

3. Squats: They are perfect for toning buttocks and thighs. To do them right, place your legs parallel to your shoulders with your feet slightly turned out. Squeeze your abs and buttocks, push your chest out, and tilt your pelvis back. In that position, look straight ahead and go down as far as you can. Exhale, inhale and come back up. When performing this movement, you have to tighten the abdomen to avoid any type of subsequent injury. With this known, you have to open your legs a little more than the width of our hips and go down with the movement at an angle of up to 90º of flexion between hips and knees.

4. Backward lunges: Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, lower as if you were doing a squat, bending your right knee. As you come down, bring your left leg back to the same side as your knee. Go up and switch legs. With this exercise, you work your buttocks differently than you do with squats.

5. Tricep bench dips: To work the triceps and, in addition, the abdominal muscles, perform tricep dips. With your back to a bench, support your arms and bend them. Go down slowly and go back up as many times as you can during the set time. Remember to control your breathing throughout the exercise.

6. Push-ups: Lie on a mat on the floor and perform 10 chest dips or push-ups, bringing your chest closer to the ground. This will strengthen the chest and arms. To perform this exercise, you must start from an initial position with your hands, chest and toes being supported on the floor. Elbows should be at 90 degrees and feet hip-width apart.

7. Push-ups with knees on the ground: If you are just starting out in this type of routine, you can support your knees to facilitate the exercise. With this exercise, the upper part of the body is strengthened, specifically triceps, anterior deltoids and pecs. If you’re not used to it, don’t do many repetitions at first. The important thing is to do the push-ups little by little, without forcing yourself.

8. Front plank: It consists of maintaining the same posture for a certain time, which is usually about 60 seconds, resting for half a minute and repeating. The position is similar to that of a push-up, but supporting the elbows and arms. This exercise strengthens the hip muscles. It also helps to exercise the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck, as well as the abdominals of the side and lower part. The elbows must be aligned with the shoulders at a 90º angle, also achieving the flexion of the forearms. In turn, the head, trunk, hips and knees must be in the same line.

9. Legs raised: Lie on your back and lift your legs up, keeping them straight. Return to the horizontal position trying not to bend your legs. With this exercise, you will strengthen the abdominals, obliques and quadriceps.

10. Series of ABS: To do this type of exercise, it is very important to start from a good initial posture, since otherwise, you can damage your back and neck without exercising your abs. Lie on your back, bend your knees hip-width apart, support your entire back and keep it straight. Go up protecting the neck. To do this, place your arms behind your head and your chin tucked in towards your chest.


Eating a healthy diet is also very important to stay in shape. Follow these nutritional tips to maintain your body fit and your health in good condition.

  • Avoid refined and processed foods whenever possible.
  • At each meal, use a serving of protein as a base like eggs, fish, chicken and other low-fat meats.
  • Between meals, eat nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, or small bags of peas.
  • For breakfast and the second meal of the day, make sure to eat starchy carbohydrates like oatmeal, rye or sprouted bread and a piece of fruit.
  • For lunch, great options are sweet or regular potato, brown rice and quinoa.
  • For dinner, try eating some vegetables, but avoid root vegetables and starchy carbohydrates.
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day; at least 1 liter.
  • Drink a post-workout shake as soon as possible after your workout routine that contains around 40-50g of carbs and 20-30g of protein. This stabilizes your hormonal system and keeps the blood sugar stable.


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