5 Men’s Work Attire Outfit Ideas for Winter

Men's Winter Work Attire

Wear polished work attire to look your best, feel confident, and succeed in achieving your goals. From a business casual outfit to a formal suit, high-end office wear makes you look professional and attractive. Keep a great image that elevates your personal brand and shows your success to improve both your career and lifestyle.

In winter, you should layer and accessorize your work outfits to stay warm, look stylish, and be comfortable during the time you spend at the office. Add layers to the classic suit, such as a sweater or vest over a shirt. That will allow you to create refined looks that enhance your appearance and protect you from the cold.

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1. Plaid blazer

Plaid blazer

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Layering is essential in winter, including work attire. One effective way to do it is to combine a muted item with a pattern that provides style and personality. For instance, a basic sweater can go perfectly with a plaid blazer. Keep everything in balance by wearing a wool coat and solid-colored pants.

2. Cashmere turtleneck

Cashmere turtleneck

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If your dress code allows it, wear a cashmere turtleneck and a blazer made of wool. Get the items in basic colors like black, white, and gray as well as other dark colors like burgundy, green, and navy. 

For a business casual look, you can wear chinos or jeans. But, for other days at the office you should choose tailored dress pants. Take into account that your footwear also matters, so wear leather sneakers for a business casual look and leather loafers for a business professional look.

3. Timeless wool suit

Wool suit

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A classic that never fails is to dress in your essential black, navy or dark gray wool suit, white shirt, tie and oxford shoes, to add a double-breasted wool coat on top; also in black or a dark color. This makes businessmen look classy and elegant on all occasions.

4. Knitted top


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One way to achieve a warm, comfortable outfit for work is to wear knitted pieces like sweaters and vests over a shirt. Mind every detail in order to stay warm and stylish: from your underwear to your intermediate layers. As well, add accessories like scarves and gloves. Mind that you should select items made with high-end cashmere and wool.

5. Quality cotton shirt

Cotton shirt

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A high-quality cotton shirt is a safe bet for a winter business casual look. The semi-formal style is for days when you don’t have an important meeting or presentation. Leave the suit aside and put on a shirt with corduroy pants or chinos. You can layer it with a sweater, cardigan, or vest. Play with more colors and patterns like dark orange and green.

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