Men’s Summer Style: 8 Ways to Style White Pants

Men White Pants

White is an elegant color that is perfect to wear during the summer. White clothing items are a great alternative to darker styles like blue and black for the hot season. A white item that has become an essential in men’s fashion is the white shirt. The white polo shirt or a shirt with the Mandarin collar are great options if you want to look smart and elegant in the summer. White shirts and t-shirts are must-haves in men’s summer wardrobes, but many men think that white pants are more challenging to combine.

When you manage to style white men’s bottoms properly, you will achieve a very stylish and elegant image that will surely impress others. Therefore, the best thing you can do is choose the type of pants that you like the most. World-renowned brands like Levi’s, A.P.C, Rag & Bone, Nudie Jeans and Saint Laurent offer polished pairs of white pants like jeans or chinos. Custom-tailored white pants are always the best option. You can get yours at Style Konsult. There are multiple styles of men’s white pants, so we will tell you everything you need to know in order to wear white bottoms properly.


White pants are not commonly worn by men. Blue, black, beige and gray are much more popular colors for this type of item. However, white pants are a classic in summer. If there is a color that is perfect to combine with other bright tones, that is undoubtedly white. You can wear them with light-colored shirts, since white pants look better when combined with bright tones. For instance, light blue, green, orange and red look great with white pants.

For this reason, during the summer you can build many outfits with bright colors to give a fresh look to your style. On the other hand, a dark shirt or t-shirt enhances the figure, and gives the outfit a much more sophisticated and attractive look. Dark shirts make the outfit stand out, maintaining the elegance of the white clothes. You can choose dark tones without having to be black. Navy blue and dark green are good options to achieve that contrast without excessing, but black is equally fashionable for all kinds of situations.

White pants are very elegant, so it is enough to add a matching item to create a refined look. If you want to give a casual touch to the look, just add a denim shirt, a colorful blazer or a t-shirt with a bright color to change the look of the outfit. Pair your white pants with a shirt for a smart yet casual look, and with a blazer for a semi-formal look. For occasions where you need a more formal outfit, opt for a plain shirt in a muted color. If you want to add a casual point, wear white leather sneakers. In case you want to maintain the elegance of the outfit, some dress shoes that match with the shirt will make the pants stand out much more.

When it comes to accessories, white outfits look better when combined with accent colors that contrast the base light tone. That is why using accessories in darker and brighter colors balances the outfit. Belts and watches can make the difference. It is also a good alternative to use dark-colored shoes that allow you to create strategic points of attention to prevent the whole outfit from looking too light-colored.


White pants are probably easier to put together than you might expect. In addition, this garment is surprisingly versatile and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. When you wear your white pants, it is best to keep it simple and complete your outfit with classic items and a color palette as in the minimalist wardrobe. This way, the clothes that you already have in your closet, such as a white shirt or a navy blue blazer, will complete your outfit.

  • All-white outfits: If you feel confident about wearing white pants, then you might want to try an all-white outfit. Although it is a bold style, it is also ideal for summer and for some semi-formal occasions. To hit the spot, stick to bright white chinos. Add a matching well-fitting shirt or t-shirt with an off-white blazer. You can wear black shoes to avoid the overall outfit from looking too white.
  • Play with the different shades of white: If you don’t feel confident wearing an outfit that is completely white, then bet on combining the different shades of this color. This season you will see store hangers full of items in off-white, ivory or gray. If you wear those colors, you will get the same stylish result but with more nuances.
  • White pants and a blazer: White pants are perfect for creating an outfit with a semi-formal style. So, if you want to get it right, all you have to do is wear a tailored blazer in plain colors like beige and blue, or with sophisticated patterns like pinstripes. You can complete the look by choosing between a darker t-shirt and loafers for a smart yet relaxed look, or a button down shirt and dress shoes for a sophisticated look.
  • White suit: The white and off-white suits are elegant options that have become an infallible style bet. It is an ideal men’s formal outfit for the summer. It looks great for day to day at the office and also for a party or special event. It has to be well combined with a plain shirt, or t-shirt for a casual touch. The accessories are just as important, so wear a good watch, a leather belt and sunglasses that suit you.
  • White pants and a shirt: One of the best ways to combine white men’s pants is to wear them with a shirt or polo shirt. It is simple but elegant. When choosing a shirt, light colors tend to look better and can create a more cohesive image. For example, a light blue shirt can complement white pants well. Alternatively, you can pair your pants with a striped shirt for a more interesting and colorful touch to your outfit.
  • Mix textures: Navy blue goes great with white. So, a simple and elegant option for the summer is to wear your white pants with a denim shirt or blazer. That way, you will mix the textures and colors to build a perfect look. You can also try other textured shirts, like corduroy. Another option is to consider different patterns, such as plaid and tartan.
  • Combine white men’s pants with a touch of color: As we said before, white pants are a good base to wear other colors. In this way, during the summer you will have the perfect opportunity to introduce different colors in your outfits. For instance, you can pair white men’s trousers with a brighter shirt and neutral shoes for a great casual look. You can also play with different colors of accessories.

Shoes to wear with white pants

White pants can be combined with various types of shoes. In this sense, the choice of the correct shoe for your outfit will depend on what you wear in the upper part. If you are wearing a formal jacket or shirt, try loafers. On the other hand, if you are going to wear a t-shirt and a casual jacket, leather sneakers will be a better option. Deck shoes are also a good alternative for a sophisticated but relaxed touch.


There are many types of men’s white pants on the market. Therefore, you need to choose the right pair to hit the spot with your outfit. These are the main styles and how to combine them:

  • Chinos: White chinos are probably the items that make it easier to combine white men’s trousers. The reason is that they provide the perfect balance between a formal and informal style. In addition, you can use them as a base item to combine it with different colors. They look good with a denim jacket or a pinstripe shirt.
  • White jeans: White jeans are a great way to add color to your look. Avoid tight-fitting ones, as white is not a flattering color and you may end up showing off your body more than you would like. So, focus on slightly fitted or regular cuts, as these work best. White jeans are best paired with classic styles and a minimalist color palette. In the summer, wear them with a t-shirt and a blue denim jacket.
  • Linen pants: There are designers like The Row, Loewe and Loro Piana who have helped bring white linen pants back for the summer season. To maintain a touch of modernity, we recommend that you combine them with sneakers, which give the outfit a more urban look. Avoid tassels and combinations with scarves and sandals.


  1. Stay away from liquids and foods that can stain: Stains can be more visible and last more on white clothing than other colors. Even water can leave a mark, and it is not aesthetic that the white is not uniform. Try to stay away from any source of liquids and foods while wearing them so as not to spoil their appearance.
  2. Wear light-colored underwear: Since white is a very light color, the underwear must also be white, nude or of a light color. Most white summer clothing items are a bit see-through or have a thin fabric and, therefore, it makes the color of the underwear visible. That is the reason why you should prevent your underwear from showing.
  3. Choose the right fit and size: As we have already mentioned, it is essential that you select a fit for your pants that is not too tight or loose. The best option is to order custom-tailored white pants made of high-end fabrics for a great fit and quality.


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