Men’s Spring Clothing Must-Haves

Men's spring clothing must-haves: A white t-shirt under a blue blazer combined with jeans

Spring is almost here, so it is time for men to build suitable outfits for the warmer weather. Spring clothing is usually more relaxed and comfy than that of the rest of the year, with a tendency to be fresher. In general, spring clothing is characterized for being light, breathable and light-colored in hues like white, beige, blue and green. Every year, men’s spring fashion evolves and there are innovations in trends to improve the appearance of men, but the essentials stay the same.

Spring clothing can be easily distinguished by its design. Cotton and linen fabrics are mostly used to fulfill two main functions: prevent humidity in the environment from affecting your body and provide the necessary freshness. Tight and thick clothes can make you uncomfortable when temperatures increase. In terms of style, it can be varied according to the preferences of each man. Printed tops, chino pants, thin jackets and white sneakers are some of the most trendy items for this season. Style Konsult is showing men which are the must-haves clothes for them to be in style this spring.



Jackets will still be worn until mid-spring. Temperatures fluctuate a lot during spring, so men have to wear jackets on colder days and at night. Bomber jackets will be trendy this spring, which are made of polyester and give a modern feel to men’s looks. Do not forget that denim jackets are also indispensable for this season if you want to wear a casual yet stylish outfit. On the other hand, trench coats are the perfect items for men to look refined as well as being protected from the cold.


Knitwear has been in vogue during winter, but it will also be a protagonist in early spring. Of course, this season knitwear should be finer and lighter to give a fresher feeling. It is perfect for those days when it gets colder. Another indispensable garment for men to wear in spring is a pastel-colored sweater. Cardigans are one of the most modern and stylish types of knitwear items for men, which must be thin in spring.

So far, knitting has been really popular this year. One of the key garments made from it has been the vest, which has also set out to cross seasonal barriers. It will also be worn this spring in pastel tones, which will look stunning over a white shirt. Pastel colors go well with everything thanks to their softness.


Shirts are one of the fundamental pieces in men’s fashion. The trends of this season move towards striking prints with a geometric or striped design. However, men have to get high-quality plain and classic shirts to build any outfit. The white shirt is one of the men’s spring fashion must-haves. The shirts for this spring summer 2022 will come in light-colored tones, such as blue, green and beige. Those colors will bring freshness to men’s looks, giving the warmth that this spring season requires. As usual, linen makes a strong comeback.


Printed t-shirts and polo shirts will be key items for men this spring. Some new designs will upgrade the style of t-shirts, as is the case with the mao collar polo shirt. It is important to get a wide variety of well-fitting t-shirts to wear with any outfit. One of the spring outfit combinations we recommend is for men to wear a white t-shirt under a suit in order to create a fresher and more fashionable look.


The star pants of spring are the chinos in khaki, beige, black and navy blue that year after year end up being one of the most popular bottoms for men. Cargo pants will also be in trend. Moreover, other must-haves are pleated pants made of great fabrics that are worn with a straight cut and leave aside the slim design that has been prevailing in recent years.

Jeans are other key pants that men need to get to build both formal and informal looks for every occasion. It is always best if the pants are not too skinny or thick for the warmer weather. Finally, keep in mind that jeans in darker tones of blue are much more elegant and easy to match.


Men’s fashion calls for great suits every season of the year. Order a custom-tailored suit made with superb fabrics to look sophisticated and polished this spring. The straight style in colors like gray and blue is one of those infallible suits that must not be missing in any man’s wardrobe. The jacket or blazer is not optional for formal events or work, but it should be made of finer and breathable fabrics. 


Neat white sneakers will continue to be the star shoes in men’s spring fashion. It is better if the design of the white sneakers is smart and not rough or flashy. Loafers and brogues are the formal shoes that also have to be in men’s closets for them to shine in style on special events or romantic dates.

Leather is the fabric that avoids men’s feet from smelling and sweating. The most chic shades are black and brown, since they combine with everything. Eventually, sandals will come back in late spring. The best sandals for men are those made with the highest-quality leather and designed with straps or buckle details.

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