Men’s Sportswear and Gym Fashion Essentials

A man at the gym wearing sportswear

When you work out at the gym or outdoors, it is as important to dress in a polished and stylish way as to wear breathable and well-fitting clothes. You should still look your best while you train comfortably and safely. Also, keep in mind that men’s gym fashion and sportswear are based on the type of training.

The outfit you need to exercise your legs is not the same as the one you must wear to go running. For instance, put on tighter pants or shorts if you are doing a spinning class and loose-fitting pants if you are using weights or machines to exercise your muscles. Wear sportswear that allows you to train thoroughly.

When working out, you should feel relaxed and concentrated to only focus on the exercises you are doing. Therefore, it is convenient to find a balance between a fashionable sports outfit that is just as high-quality and comfortable. Going to the gym, running, or riding a bike are activities that you can do in style.

We recommend you to choose monotone clothes in colors such as white, black, gray, or blue. Do not wear sportswear that is too striking. Style Konsult is explaining which are the gym fashion and sportswear essentials for men.


  1. Remember to wear a refined outfit that is as comfortable as stylish.
  2. Wear clothes in muted colors like white, black, gray, blue, or dark green. Also, avoid items that have many prints.
  3. The color of the top must match the color of the bottom. Black clothes combine with every other color.
  4. Make sure that the clothes fit you well and that they are not too loose or tight.
  5. If you are working out indoors at a gym, bring a neat outfit to change after showering.
  6. Wear a pair of running shoes, sports sunglasses and put on sunscreen if you exercise outdoors.
  7. Wear short-sleeved t-shirts and plain hoodies or sports jackets for the cold weather.
  8. Do not wear shorts that are too tight or short.


1. Tops

As we have mentioned above, wear well-fitting tops in white, black, gray or colors like blue and dark green. Put on a light t-shirt or sweatshirt, depending on the season and the weather. Only get sportswear made of a breathable materials and natural fibers like cotton. Do not wear anything made of polyester or other synthetic fabrics, as they retain the moisture and the smell of the sweat as well as the heat of the body. Choose a top specifically designed to facilitate rapid drying of sweat.

Wear a sports top that will not restrict your range of motion. If you wear a tank top, you will show your arms and have more freedom of movement. Tank tops are perfect for summer. However, short-sleeved shirts are the most essential men’s tops for exercising regardless of the season. The t-shirts should be loose enough in size to avoid chafing but not too loose so that they get caught on machines or bicycle handlebars. Book a personal shopping service with Style Konsult to get a variety of high-end sportswear and training clothing.

2. Bottoms

Wear flexible sports pants with an elastic waistband: athletic shorts, sports joggers, cotton sweatpants, or leggings for men. The most relevant thing is that you wear high-quality sports pants in order to have freedom of movement. Gray and black jogger pants are some of the key sportswear items in any man’s wardrobe.

Shorts may offer you the most flexibility, but they also expose more skin. If you feel uncomfortable in shorts, wear cotton sweatpants. Do not wear shorts that are more than an inch or two below your knees, especially if they are baggy. The longer the shorts are, the more they will limit your range of motion. In general, it is better that the bottoms remain up to the ankle as long as possible.

3. Footwear

The ideal colors for running and sports shoes are white and black. Avoid wearing sneakers or trainers in striking colors like yellow and orange. The shoes you have to wear will depend on the type of exercises you do. If you plan to do any aerobic exercise, wear shoes that provide maximum protection for your feet and legs. Of course, it is not appropriate to wear open-toed footwear, such as flip-flops or sandals.

If you are going to be running on the treadmill, make sure you wear shoes that are specially designed for running. For the elliptical machine or the stationary bike, shoes do not have to be that specific, so just make sure you wear comfortable trainers. Finally, if you are going to train with weights, make sure you wear shoes with a wide ankle opening and good instep support. If you are just going for a run outdoors, running shoes are always a good choice.

4. Socks

Wear white or black socks that are light and breathable. Cotton socks are usually a good option. Keep in mind that, if the socks are too tight, they can put so much pressure on your legs and hinder blood circulation. On the other hand, socks that are too baggy can be distracting by slipping down every few minutes.

Moreover, wear high socks for the cold weather and low socks for the warm weather. But, you can wear short socks to leave more room for your legs to breathe and high socks in order to absorb sweat. Mind the sportswear accessories, since they will add the extra comfort that you need.

5. Hygiene products and accessories

Other types of products such as deodorants can be useful, especially if we have body odor problems and we are going to be doing physical activity in a group or in a gym. Good personal hygiene is fundamental both before and after exercising. Use a deodorant that prevents bad odor and allows the elimination of toxins. In addition, remember to always wear a helmet or a cap if the exercise requires it. Wear gloves and a belt if necessary, such as when lifting weights, using machines, etc. It is important to wear gloves during heavy lifting in order to avoid building callus.

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