4-Step Men’s Skincare Routine for Summer

Man doing a skincare routine for summer

You only need to follow a few steps every day to keep a healthy and glowing skin. Cleansing, toning, hydrating and protecting are the essential steps of every man’s daily skincare routine, and the most effective for achieving great skin every season of the year. If you follow an essential 4-step skincare routine, you will notice how the appearance and condition of your skin improves significantly. Take care of your skin to prevent dryness and redness so you look your best.


Switching to refreshing formulas, exfoliating your body and increasing your sun protection are some of the changes in skincare that men need to do during the summer. For the hot season, it is best to use products with a watery or gel texture.

1. Clean your face with products for sensitive skin

The first step to take care of your skin is facial cleansing. It takes more than water to keep the skin smooth and toned. The skincare routine for men should start with a good skin cleaning. Do it both in the morning and at night to remove the particles of dust and dead skin cells. Also, men are likely to have thicker and oilier skin compared to women. Excess oil can stick to the skin and block the pores.

Instead of using a bar soap that can dry out the face, you should use a liquid cleanser that is suitable for your skin type: oily, dry, combination or normal. If you have normal skin, oily skin or a combination of both, always opt for a facial cleanser indicated for “all skin types” or a micellar water. On the other hand, go for a facial cleanser for sensitive skin if your skin is dry.

Then, spread the cleanser all over your face with circular movements and upwards. Just by cleaning your face daily, you will notice your skin is more hydrated, calmer, and softer. And if your skin produces an excess of oil, you will also notice how that excessive production of sebum decreases.

2. Apply a facial toner, oil, and serum

The second products that you should include in your daily skincare routine are the facial toner and natural oils, better if they are rich in aloe vera. The use of a facial toner suitable for your skin type is another of the key products of the facial cleansing routine for men. You should use the facial toner right after cleansing and before moisturizing. The main mission of the facial toner is to regulate the pH of the skin. In addition, it is the ideal product to refresh your face before hydration.

The facial toner will close the pores and prepare your skin to receive all the nutrients from the moisturizer. In addition, facial toners and oils promote better blood flow, revitalizing and preventing sagging of the dermis. For this reason, after facial cleansing, it is advisable to apply a toner and natural oils on your face with very light touches.

  • Serums and ampoules with astringent properties are particularly necessary for men with an oily skin type. They can be applied about three times a week depending on how oily the face is.
  • Men with combination skin can also include these products in their skincare routine, giving priority to the oiliest areas of the face and not as often.
  • Dry skin can present sensations of tightness when applying serums and ampoules, so it is not such an advisable step in this case. Especially in case that, in addition to having dry skin, it also turns out to be sensitive.

3. Hydrate your face with a moisturizer

The moisturizer is essential to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. In fact, the two fundamental pillars of all facial care are cleansing and hydration. The moisturizer should be used daily, in the morning and at night. When you have selected a good moisturizer, apply a small amount on your fingers and then spread it all over your face with circular movements. An upward massage stimulates circulation and favors the absorption of the product.

Moisturizing cream can also be applied after shaving, as it is ideal for relieving burning sensations and redness. Whether using a light oil, cream, or some other product, you should always remember to moisturize your skin daily after washing the skin.

You should choose a good moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type: if your skin is dry, select a cream that has the thickest formulation; if your skin is oily, select a skin gel or toner; if you have normal skin, get a lotion that is less greasy and lighter; and, for men with combination skin, the perfect moisturizing cream needs to have a balanced formula that is not too light or heavy.

4. Wear sunscreen every day

It is very important to use sunscreen all year long. The intense rays of sun damage the skin. On many occasions, you are exposed to it without any protection. Over time, it will cause the wrinkles and expression lines to be accentuated and your skin to appear drier and older. As a consequence, add an extra layer of protection and wear sunscreen every day after applying the moisturizer.

You should wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher in order to prevent the damage of the skin. Make sure to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going outside so it absorbs better. In summer the days last longer, so it will be essential to re-apply the sunscreen more than once a day.


  • In case you have not slept well, you can use a dark circles corrector to mitigate and cover the signs of a bad rest. Always apply it after the moisturizing cream. The skin around the eye contour has a strong tendency to be thinner, drier and more delicate regardless of skin type. Depending on your needs, you can apply it in two ways: to reduce puffiness, apply in a V shape under the eye or tear duct and gently blend with your fingers; and, if your face shows a lot of fatigue, apply it to the inner and outer corners of the eye, emphasizing the darkest areas.
  • We also recommend men to exfoliate their skin once a week. Exfoliation is the perfect type of skincare to remove impurities and dead cells that accumulate on the face. People tend to believe that this is basically achieved by cleaning the face, but this is not the case. Exfoliation allows you to cleanse and hydrate your face in depth, so you should do it at least once a week. Finally, use a face mask often to calm, hydrate and nourish your skin.


It is essential that men do a skincare routine daily. Whatever type of skin you have, you need a daily skincare routine to keep it always fresh, clean and hydrated. Book a grooming consultation with Style Konsult to get professional tips and personalized advice on how to take care of your skin.

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