Men’s Skincare Routine Essentials for 2022

A man does his skincare routine

The cosmetic industry has an enormous capacity for adaptation and moves at the same pace as the needs and concerns of society. Just as the canon of beauty evolves over time, so do the tools we use to achieve the best version of ourselves. For example, in the 80s the ranking of the most desired was dominated by hypermusculated men with hair on the chest. Instead, today there exists a new masculinity free of prejudices in which style, individuality and attitude determine what is perceived as attractive. Therefore, cosmetics in 2022 will be sustainable, genderless and customizable.

In recent years, men have become more concerned about their image. A neat and clean skin is synonymous with health. The skin has to stay hydrated and flexible, achieving luminosity and a natural glow. Not forgetting that many men shave daily, and this act is very aggressive for the skin. To avoid the least possible damage to the skin in this action, it is recommended that the blade be changed frequently and not against the grain, because in this way we take part of the skin. Style Konsult is going to explain which are the men’s skincare routine essentials for 2022 in order for men to have glowing and youthful skin all year long.


Environmental awareness is an incipient social movement that has become a vital philosophy and that is reflected both in the creams and in the fragrances that we apply: recycled and recyclable packaging, solid formats that minimize water consumption, the use of plastics and waste generation, refillable perfume bottles, biodegradable formulas and sunscreens that do not pollute the seas, toxin-free clean beauty, ingredients obtained with responsible production processes that respect natural cycles, zero waste cosmetics… So, in 2022 you will be able to look flawless and, at the same time, reduce the ecological footprint of your daily skincare routine.

As men have been acquiring a certain cosmetic culture, the desire to find the perfect product that suits both personal tastes and specific needs of the different types of skin has been growing. Men need a treatment that maximizes its results in the short, medium and long term. That is achieved by customizing the formula through innovative tools, from an exhaustive skin analysis to a meticulous genetic study, which will determine what active ingredients and in what concentrations our skin needs them. This way, you will be able to design an à la carte, personal and non-transferable skincare ritual, such as those offered by Style Konsult’s grooming consultation.



In this step, it is not enough to wash your face, but you have to use cosmetics that perform a thorough cleaning, to clean the pores. Facial cleansers are a jelly that turns into a rich and soft foam in contact with water to remove impurities. The result is a hydrated, clean and healthy skin. Those cleansers are composed of the ultra-hydrating formula which gently and effectively cleanses the skin for a radiant and smooth complexion.


Performing a facial exfoliation to remove dead cells and clean pores helps prepare the skin for better absorption of cosmetics. In addition, it contributes to an easier shave, with less irritation. For example, an anti-blackhead exfoliating gel deeply cleanses pores with the belief antibacterial exfoliating brush to effectively remove blackheads and dead skin. We recommend ones formulated with charcoal that exfoliate and cleanse pores to remove blackheads. Bamboo charcoal is also great to absorb impurities, as well as ingredients derived from coconut that reduce irritation and help create a soft, rich lather.


The first signs of aging, such as fine lines or wrinkles, usually appear in the area around the eyes. This usually occurs because the skin is thinner than that of the rest of the face and for this reason it is more common for the signs of age, fatigue to be shown… Therefore, to prevent it Style Konsult recommends the regular use of cosmetics for this area. Eye creams provide a long-lasting hydrating bath and improve the elasticity of the eye area for a rejuvenated appearance. The eye contour stays hydrated and more flexible throughout the day.


As discussed above, shaving irritates the skin, therefore keeping it hydrated takes on greater importance. The skin must be hydrated a minimum of 2 times a day so that the skin maintains its elasticity and provides greater luminosity to the face. Creams with light gel textures provide intense hydration and minimize pores for a softer and smoother finish. We recommend creams that are rich in antioxidants, which improves the skin’s elasticity.


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