5 Men’s Hairstyles to Look Attractive in 2023

Men's hairstyles for 2023

With the change of year, it is time to start afresh. Getting a new haircut is a great way to begin a new chapter. Men’s hairstyles for 2023 are very diverse, from shorter haircuts to slightly longer hair. Men usually wear their hair short most of the year, but long haircuts are a fitting option for the cold weather.

You should know what kind of hairstyle suits you according to your face type. For instance, if you have a round face you should select a haircut that has volume, shorter on the sides and longer on top. On the contrary, you can opt for shorter cuts and longer hairstyles if your face is square shaped or thinner. Book an image consultation at Style Konsult to find out which hairstyle suits you best.

As well, remember that cold weather can damage the hair by drying it out. To get things back on track and keep your hair healthy, a new haircut is just what you need. In addition to the cut, it is very important that you take care of your hair and scalp. So, use high-quality shampoo and conditioner that are free of sulfates and parabens.


The classic undercut


The versatile undercut that suits all face types was already very popular in the 1930s and 1940s. With a clean demarcation between the top and bottom of the scalp, this hairstyle always stands out.

You can play with your hair to create very different styles. The classic undercut is all about positioning the hair naturally with gel or wax. Make a clear distinction between the short hair at the bottom of your head and medium length hair on top.

This hairstyle also allows you to take your hair to one side and leave it somewhat more natural without needing any type of fixing product. It is suitable for both straight hair and curly hair. Choose it if you want a modern yet polished haircut that makes you look as youthful as stylish.

Layered undercut

Layered undercut

If you are looking for more volume, the layered undercut is perfect for you. This haircut gradually reduces its length until it fades so it seems that the hair ‘melts’ into the skin. There are different variants of this cut, such as the burst-fade, high-fade, mid-fade or low-fade. Consult your image consultant and hairdresser to know which one suits you.

By creating layers, this hairstyle gives an effect of extra volume to your hair. It is less structured than the classic version. To achieve this type of hairstyle it is important that you follow these 4 steps:

  1. Use a good hair shampoo to prepare the hair for styling
  2. Apply a moderate amount of wax before drying the hair
  3. Dry your hair with a blow dryer
  4. Once dry and with some shape, take a little more wax and comb it


The hair should grow long enough so that you can comb it back to achieve volume. In case you want to keep slightly shorter hair in the central part, cut the hair so that the bottom layer is minimal and the rest is combed back with a little wax. If you want a neat wet effect, you can also use gel.

Natural hairstyle


This type of natural hairstyle offers a very natural look for men, so it is ideal for any occasion. This haircut has many layers so you are able to shape to taste in order to enhance texture and movement. It is very versatile and offers many possibilities with medium and long cuts.

Another trend that is on the rise are curls. Men with curly hair should take advantage and get the most out of it. Excessively long curls don’t look refined and elegant, so opt for a medium cut. The key is to make the hair look as natural as possible.

Hair parted on one side: 50s style is back


This masculine hairstyle makes men appear confident with a perfectly structured cut, parted on one side and bangs slightly falling over the forehead. The sophisticated haircut from the 50s is perfect both for special occasions like holiday celebrations and everyday use. While the undercut is the most popular hairstyle for men with shorter hair, this timeless hairstyle is the most trendy among men with medium and long hair.

The parting on one side should be perfectly placed and marked. For this type of cut, control the volume of the hair on the sides. If you leave it too long or don’t style it correctly, you will lose the polished look. The wet effect is one of the main characteristics achieved with hair wax or gel.

Light and long bangs


Finally, the trend that is coming for 2023 is cutting long and light bangs. Casually bring your hair to your forehead. You don’t have to shape it, just use a comb to pull the hair forward. To master this hairstyle, use a fixing product such as wax. Make sure that the length of the hair does not exceed below the eyebrows.

Another option for this type of hairstyle is to take the bangs to one side so that it looks more elegant and modern. This type of cut can be worn throughout the year, although it is appropriate for winter to keep the scalp warm with the longer hair.

Book an image consultation at Style Konsult to get expert advice on which hairstyles suit you so you look attractive in 2023. Our experienced image consultant will show you which grooming routines work best for your hair type.

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