Men’s Closet and Wardrobe Fashion Essentials for Spring 2023

A man wearing sunglasses and a denim shirt over a white t-shirt. Spring fashion.

The countdown to spring 2022 has already begun, so men’s fashion is evolving and adapting to new trends for this season. After the freezing and chilly winter, the warmer weather and the blooming time come with power. There is a special light to it all, and that will be reflected in men’s closets. This spring, men will wear vivid colors and sparkling garments to look stylish and trendy.

Style Konsult is explaining to you which are the men’s closet spring fashion essentials for 2022 so you get the best inspiration to build a great spring wardrobe. Be open-minded and curious to experiment with your style and image in order to upgrade your spring outfits to the maximum. We can help you dress properly for the warm weather. Have fun building a seasonal closet with all the rainbow’s colors.


1. Sleeveless shirts and t-shirts

Warmer days are coming, so men feel the urge to start dressing with fewer layers. An excellent option for younger men to feel the fresh air on their skin is to wear sleeveless shirts and t-shirts. Also, knitted vests with nothing underneath have become the coolest and most fashionable thing; as well as sleeveless varsity jackets and skin-tight tailored vests.

2. Vivid colors

The darker and raw tones that men tend to wear for winter will be exchanged with vivid, acid, pastel and light colors that will light up the palettes of spring clothing. Red, orange, green and phosphor yellow, turquoise, pink, mauve or electric blue are some of the colors that will predominate in spring men’s fashion. The accessories will also be made with those striking, attractive colors. Even sunglasses or hats will be yellow, red, pink or orange. 

3. Spring jackets 

Biker jackets cannot be missing in any spring-summer season and also in 2022. Of course, baseball jackets come back with more neutral tones. Do not forget the classic “denim” jackets, an essential also for 2022. Cardigans and thin knitwear will be needed for those colder spring days.

4. Shirts

Shirts are one of the fundamental pieces in men’s fashion for spring 2022. The trends of this season focus on striking prints with a geometric print design. White shirts will continue to be essentials in the spring wardrobe. It is amazing for men to wear shirts in spring because they let men feel fresh while looking sophisticated.

5. Chinos and shorts

Regarding the bottoms, the khaki chino pants are going to be popular during spring once again. Furthermore, mind the custom-tailored pleated pants with a straight cut, leaving aside the “slim” design that has been prevailing in recent years. On the other hand, pay special attention to the shorts that year after year end up becoming something special for the spring-summer season. In 2022, the “denim” type shorts will prevail, as well as more sporty shorts like jogger shorts. The best colors for shorts are neutral and light tones, such as white.

6. Flip flops and unique slippers

Men love to wear sandals and slippers when the weather gets warmer. This season, the sandal’s designs have been renewed with more creative touches: puffy like pillows, full of jewelry, with fur and leather… These original designs will make men look more modern and stylish in their daily life. A man can still look like an elegant gentleman when wearing slippers.

7. Elegant suits

Party clothes are essential for spring, since the nice weather makes people want to go to outdoor parties and events more. For this reason, it is convenient to get clothing and accessories made with fabrics like satin, silk and glitter. Moreover, custom-tailored suits with thinner fabrics will become trendy this spring. The suit in white and organic cotton and the elastic blue suit are a must.

8. Leather garments

Leather is one of the essentials for every season. It does not matter if it is winter or spring; leather has to be in your wardrobe yes or yes. From hats to jackets… leather garments will upgrade your outfits to look much more fashionable.

9. Sunglasses, hats and silver necklaces

Last but not least, men should know that the appropriate accessories will take their spring outfits to the next level. A high-quality watch is an essential item that has to be complemented with the right sunglasses, a cap or bucket hat and a silver necklace or rings that will make men look stylish and polished.

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