8 Men’s Fashion and Outfit Trends of 2022

A man wearingsun glasses and a leather jacket

With the New Year just beginning, everything indicates that a change in trends is knocking at our door. Style Konsult has selected 8 infallible trends within a fashion industry that currently has the 70s and the 2000s as its great sources of inspiration, while the 90s are also becoming a stronger style inspiration.

But, have you found out what are the proposals that will fill the men’s wardrobes in 2022? Read carefully Style Konsult’s explanation of eight men’s fashion and outfits trends of 2022. Also, schedule your image and wardrobe consultation with Style Konsult to learn how to build elegant and stylish outfits that are currently in trend.


The fashion of past years is once again at the forefront, this time with the 1990s and 2000s as clear references. But, men’s looks are still inspired by the seventies with short aviator jackets, turtlenecks, collar shirts, leather garments, bell-bottoms and thin ties. This has been revealed through the catwalks by firms of the stature of Saint Laurent or Valentino. Wearing striking colors for spring and summer is another of the latest trends that will make men look stylish and trendy in 2022.

1. Keeping the leather and welcoming robe coats

A man wearing a black leather jacket over a white t-shirt

In recent months, leather fabric has been very used for pants, blazers or coats. In spring this trend will not change, although other comfy items will be added to it, such as robe-style coats. Many stylists will bet on coats of this cut with an XL silhouette to adjust through a belt, while others will offer the same design in a padded format. That is an alternative that will dazzle all those who want to be elegant and comfortable at the same time.

2. Wearing eye-catching and vibrant prints

A man wearing a shirt with eye-catching, vibrant prints

During this year, “less is more” will remain anchored in the past and prints loaded with geometric shapes or vintage ones will take the center stage. From checkerboard prints to abstract styles, stylists have found out eye-catching prints go perfectly with the knitted jackets that will burst into men’s wardrobes again. The most used materials for 2022 will be sequins, lace and satin. The bright colors that were trendy at the 70s will be worn and the prints will be protagonists, especially in the case of sweaters, but also pants and vests. They are textile canvases where designers unleash their creativity. Abstract and geometric designs prevail, mostly with very vibrant colors.

3. Completing looks with caps and accessories

A man wearing a black cap and a watch

We tend to associate caps with summer and beanies with winter, but the star and timeless accessory that a cap is perfect for men who wish to turn a boring look into a complete fashionable outfit whatever the season. The caps will add a unique and original touch to more formal outfits and will keep the casual ones stylish. That is why men will have to get caps of many colors to combine with different outfits.

4. Betting on oversized clothing

A man wearing an oversized trench coat over a white sweater

Just as skinny pants were trendy for a while, it seems like oversize pants will be the trend for the next 12 months. The loose pants have the advantage that they are comfortable and they adapt wonderfully to casual and urban styles. But, not only will the pants be the wide trendy clothing. From jackets to knitwear, the clothes will be extra wide this new year.

5. Combining knitwear clothing

A man wearing a brown knitted sweater

The knitted sweater and cardigan are essentials in any men’s wardrobe and it will not cease to be so in 2022. However, there is a clear evolution of knitting, which has conquered the space of polo, which not so long ago was reserved for cotton fabric. There is no doubt about their aesthetic virtues, so much so that they are an ideal alternative to a shirt.

6. Consolidating the vest

A man wearing a black knitted vest

Knitted vest are a well-established micro-trend. In fact, the love of sleeveless garments has spread to other fabrics, including outerwear and T-shirts. Vests are adapting to a more modern fashion and they are here to stay.

7. Replacing the blazers with cardigans and other jackets

A man wearing a brown jacket over a black t-shirt

The elegant suit is a classic that always needs to be in a man’s wardrobe. However, in 2022 it will be trendy to combine two matching pieces that replace the blazer with less formal garments like cardigans, jackets with relaxed shapes or utility-style over shirts, also inspired by safari jackets and their large pockets on the chest. But, all this happens without losing the appearance of the suit. Especially, pleated pants with straight and loose lines will remain indispensable items.

8. Considering brown as essential as black

A man wearing a brown blazer over a black t-shirt

The influence of the 70s means that colors such as beige, camel or chocolate brown have achieved a status in contemporary men’s fashion only comparable to black. For now, in 2022 we are sure that brown tones will be more protagonists in men’s outfits. Therefore, do not be afraid to create complete looks in brown.

Style Konsult’s professional image consultant and founder, Jen Auh, will advise you on how to maximize your style potential to look trendy and fashionable during 2022.

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