Lose that stubborn beer belly


COVID-19 has affected our lives negatively in so many ways. During quarantine, it was difficult to stay active and eat right. Because of this, our bodies aren’t in the best shape. Maybe even pre-COVID, you weren’t necessarily happy with the way your body looked. A beer belly and love handles are difficult to lose but not impossible. With the right diet and fitness, you can create the body you want.

Eat healthy

Do not underestimate the power of healthy eating. Getting rid of your beer belly and maintaining a flat stomach starts in the kitchen. There are a couple ways you could go about changing your diet. The first, is only eating foods such as lean meats and vegetables. Avoid carbs, sugar and fatty foods. You can eat as many calories you want if it’s all clean and healthy food. Another option, is to lessen the number of calories you intake a day. This means, you can still have a little bit of a brownie or a small bag of chips but limit how many calories you’re eating and drinking. Make sure to also avoid drinking alcohol often. After all, it is called a BEER belly.

Work Out

You can’t spot burn fat. Go for a walk or jog for at least a mile every day to burn fat from your whole body. Do 100 jumping jacks and at least 50-100 squats right after that. Then for toning, lift weights, and finish with some pushups and crunches. Ab workouts after a decent amount of cardio will help to define your stomach. Working out and burning any junk that you eat is crucial to losing that beer belly and those love handles.


At SUIT MAKE, we want to help you succeed on your fitness journey. Try our SlimPlanet Long Black Diet supplement. Simply take one or two of the sticks and dissolve it into a cup of water. It is a coffee diet program which contains ingredients that blocks the conversion of carbs into fat. You can drink this in replacement of your morning coffee everyday. Another supplement we have is called SlimPlanet Tonalin. Take 3 capsules 2x a day to burn fat in your body. Additionally, it helps build muscles and boost metabolism.

Working out and healthy eating are important steps to living a healthy life. On Style Konsult, you can use the personal branding service for a life transformation. Jen will help you with your fitness journey as well as advance in styling, grooming and overall lifestyle.

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