How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle while Traveling

Healthy travel routine

Having a daily routine makes it much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle: you can plan your week ahead, work out at the gym, and prepare meals. Going on a trip or being away from home might be put off track.

Work trips, weekend getaways, and summer vacations have a common consequence: a change of lifestyle. Time changes and unbalanced diets are common travel disadvantages. Maintaining a nutritious diet and exercise routines during trips is possible with determination and planning.


At the airport

When you arrive at the airport, get a bottle of water and a healthy snack like nuts to eat during the flight. This way, you will be able to stay hydrated and you will avoid snacking whatever is available on the plane. Stay in control of your eating habits. Also, always bring a carry-on with you to move faster around the airport.

Man at the airport to travel

On the plane

There are two supplements you can take on your trip: magnesium, to relax your muscles, and vitamin C, to fight germs and the effect of cabin air conditioning. This air makes the environment inside an airplane very dry, so bring a moisturizer and lip balm, and don’t forget to hydrate your hands either.

If the flight lasts several hours and you are going to land in a place with a different time zone, you should try sleeping on the plane. Include some earplugs in your bag in case children are around you. However, if you will land at night local time, it is best to stay awake so you sleep better once you settle at your destination.

Sitting still for long periods is not a great idea, as it can affect your circulation and make you feel stiff. If you are on a long flight, try going out into the aisle and stretching every couple of hours. Just walking up and down the aisle helps so much rather than sitting or laying down in your seat.

Make sure you are not in anyone’s way and make the most of the small space available. If you don’t feel comfortable stretching in the aisle, try this in-flight stretching routine that you can do in your seat. Stretch from head to toe, starting at the neck:

Head and neck

  1. Slowly tilt your head toward your shoulder.
  2. Hold for ten seconds.
  3. Alternate sides.
  4. Then, loosen your shoulders to eliminate pain, increase flexibility, and add strength.


  1. Roll both shoulders forward in a circular motion.
  2. Roll both shoulders back in a circular motion.
  3. Repeat ten times.
  4. Stretch your wrists.

Arms and hands

  1. Stretch your arm to the side with a palm down.
  2. Lower your fingers.
  3. Hold for three seconds.
  4. Pull your fingers up.
  5. Hold for three seconds.
  6. Repeat, alternating three times.

Legs and feet

  1. Lift one foot off the ground and keep your leg straight.
  2. Flex the ankle, pointing the toes up.
  3. Extend the ankle, pointing the toes down.
  4. Do this 10 times and repeat with the other leg.
  5. Next, draw your toes in a circle, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  6. Switch feet.


Maintain a healthy diet

Eat vegetables and nuts, and avoid excesses of fats, carbohydrates, and alcohol. They are foods that absorb energy and can produce an extra feeling of tiredness.

Look for healthy food places in your destination. An increasing number of restaurants are expanding their menu to offer healthier dishes such as salads or even vegan dishes. Always choose the most balanced option such as grilled fish, salad bowl or steamed grains. 

Start the day with a good breakfast

A complete breakfast will give you enough energy to undertake your days of adventure. Be sure to eat fresh fruit, carbohydrates, and fiber to fuel up.

Don’t skip meals and eat healthy snacks

There are times when you cannot avoid an unhealthy meal. Moderate your ration but never skip any meal because this might make you overeating. Moderate servings will help you feel better.

Keeping the intermittent hunger at bay is relevant for staying fit and healthy while traveling. To achieve this, you must eat a few snacks between lunch and dinner. This way, you avoid eating in excess at dinner time.

Avoid snacks like chips and chocolate chip cookies. Try eating blueberries or a piece of seasonal fruit, yogurt, or nuts. They are healthy and easy to carry. You can also load up on protein bars or granola, just in case hunger strikes while you are out and about.

Stay hydrated

It is easy to get dehydrated when traveling. A healthy diet must be complemented with good hydration to keep you fit on your trip. So, always carry a bottle of water with you. The only hydrating drink is water; you can also drink an infusion of green tea or lemon water. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t irritate your stomach.


Walk as much as you can

Avoid traveling by vehicle to reach all the destinations on your itinerary. Choose to walk all the places you are going to visit. This is the easiest way to stay in shape while traveling. Not only does walking help you lower blood sugar, but you also take the opportunity to get to know the place better. If you want to put in a little extra effort, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Use the bike for long distances

If there is an ideal means of transport to keep fit while traveling, it is undoubtedly the bicycle. At the same time, it allows you to go anywhere quickly. In case you visit one of the ecological cities in the world like Amsterdam or Copenhagen, consider it your #1 transport method.

These cities offer large networks of cycle paths that you cannot miss. In countries like New Zealand, you can even cycle through entire regions using the various routes or tracks intended exclusively for walkers and cyclists.

Participate in outdoor activities and sports

Many places around the world offer activities in public places to stay in shape while you travel. Running and yoga are two of the most popular outdoor sports that you can easily do while traveling abroad. You will always find ways to exercise on the street, so bring a pair of trainers or comfortable sneakers with you.

If you are on vacation, take the opportunity to exercise outdoors and try the most popular activities in the place: surfing, paddle surfing or diving, if you are on the beach; hiking, climbing or biking, if you are in the mountains.

Keep a constant exercise routine

Before traveling, plan your trip workouts. Depending on your destination, you can continue with your usual routine or adapt it to the place. Including a workout in the day’s agenda will help you to organize yourself better and not let the exercise be done only if the opportunity arises.

Man doing exercise at the beach

If you are on vacation, you can make exercise a part of your trip: rent a bike, go for a walk, or go swimming. Make sure to follow a routine with simple strength training exercises that will help you build the strength of your muscles and limbs. You can also try squats, planks, and other exercise routines to do in your stay.

Watch your sleep hours

Precisely when you are traveling, is when you should respect your sleep hours the most. Sleeping well is vital to get over jet lag, replenish energy when traveling, and maintain your immune system strong. Get your most sleep between 10pm-2am in local time to keep your body and mind fully functioning. During the hours, your skin and body regenerate new cells. You will look and feel much better the next day when you wake up.

As long as there are certain habits, such as eating healthy or sleeping well, when you return home you will have the satisfaction of having fulfilled your trip goals without having compromised your well-being.

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