Reasons Why You Need an Image Consultant for Your Success


Having a great image is as essential to succeed as talent and preparation. Your personal image is a way of communicating to others who you are. It is a set of elements that involve clothing, personal care, behavior, the way you speak, move, etc.

Professionals must keep in mind that they need to have a polished appearance in addition to a good resume and experience in order to be successful. The external image is the first thing others see of you, so you make an impression about who you are, what you can offer, your degree of competence and credibility, among others.

Your image communicates better than words. A polished image is a powerful tool that makes you stand out, builds your personal brand and helps you achieve the goals you have set. Knowing how to dress, groom and express yourself is fundamental to convey your true identity in both your personal and professional life.

For businessmen and entrepreneurs, an image consultant is an expert who can show them how to improve the way they dress, behave and communicate in order to be more successful. Style Konsult is explaining which are the reasons why you need an image consultant for your success.


  1. You should make sure that the message your image conveys is the one that represents you and that you need to reach your goals. It is about trying to maximize your potential and building an overall image that attracts and impresses others, which will help you gain credibility and trust. Having control over your image helps you manage your personal and professional life. Knowing how to dress well is essential to build your personal brand and boost your career.
  2. An image consultant will let you know which clothes, accessories and colors are the ones that suit you and how to combine them so you enhance your physical characteristics and reflect your personality. Knowing how to dress means choosing the right clothes and accessories to attend a business meeting, give a conference, participate in networking, or meet a partner. You have to dress according to the messages you want to transmit: complicity, professionalism and competence.
  3. Knowing how to dress is all about choosing clothes that maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, generating attraction and sympathy towards you. In an increasingly competitive and ephemeral work market in which differentiation is transformed into necessity, the only asset of yourself that is absolutely authentic and unique is your personal image.
  4. The first impression you make is very important. Your image is the most convenient tool to connect with others. You have a few seconds to show your true style and identity. Your personality, self-esteem, leadership, profession, preparation, culture and even the position you hold, can be transmitted in less than 15 seconds.

Which elements make up your personal image?

The image you project is the product of external elements that reflect your character and style. Those external elements are a set of “environmental factors” that determine your personality. Everything influences, from the place where you grew up to your family, where you studied, your tastes, habits, friends, job, etc. That builds your identity and defines your personal style. Your image is the result of who you are, what you want and believe.

What is the power of the image?

The image is defined by three main aspects:

– Attitude: The way of thinking. That personal attitude makes the difference when it comes to determination and success. When your thoughts are positive and hopeful, being optimistic will become a habit and you will have a more powerful attitude. For instance, a good attitude helps to achieve successful results.

– Communication: More than 90 % of people’s communication is determined by their non-verbal messages, which is why fashion speaks to others without words all the time. As well, body language is decisive when communicating.

– Fashion: Wearing elegant designs and colors in your outfits is the most powerful and impactful way to look stylish while showing your charm. Your wardrobe makes a visual statement about you because it defines who you are and can boost your confidence.

People with a positive attitude not only strengthen their self-esteem, but also project greater confidence and credibility, improve their personal relationships, revalue ​​their work relationships and also make their wardrobe profitable, saving time and money. Develop this valuable tool with the help of an image consultant to successfully achieve your personal and professional goals.

The success of a personal image is not the product of chance; it is a process of self-knowledge, attitude, discipline, dedication, preparation and perseverance. Gaining confidence to communicate assertively is a relevant journey that leads to success and being more authentic. Believe in yourself and work with an image consultant to become the best version of yourself.


The personal image not only has to do with yourself, but also with how others relate to you. For this reason, you must be aware of the information that you deliver about yourself. Two key elements must be very clear when building a professional and successful image: the type of company or field you are working in and the kind of clients you are targeting. Your image is a tool that helps you grow in the professional sphere.

To achieve your objectives, you must maintain consistency between the three information channels that you use on a daily basis: your looks and outfits, way of speaking and gestures. You work with and for the people, so your performance is based on your capacity to convince potential customers that you can assist and help them. If your image is attractive, smart and fresh in every way, you will build trust and it will be much easier to establish strong relationships with your clients.

1. Support your professionalism with your looks

If you hold a position of authority and leadership, your image must support your ability, knowledge and experience. Project your expertise to take advantage of the years of study and preparation. Your image should make your way easier in order to expand your business.

2. Learn to dress according to your body type

Acknowledging your body shape is crucial to being able to project a powerful and elegant image. If you know the shape of your body, you will find out which clothes fit you. For example, a two-button suit will look best on slim, short-waisted men, while a double-breasted suit will look better on tall men.

3. Identify the colors that best go with your skin tone

It is relevant to find harmony between the colors that you wear in your outfits and the tone of your hair, eyes and skin. Men who balance the colors in their outfits look more fashionable and confident. The color of the clothes lets men achieve a chic, sophisticated and attractive appearance. For instance, an olive green color will not look as good on a man with very dark skin and eyes as on a man with light skin and eyes.

4. Find out the etiquette codes and styles

Your outfits show which is your personality and style as well as your job, your educational, social and economic situation. The designs and colors of fashion, patterns, fabrics and accessories are part of your non-verbal language. If you learn to master these codes with the help of an image consultant, you will be able to project an image of leadership and success on all occasions.

5. Get the must-haves in your wardrobe

An image consultant will help you build a stylish and refined wardrobe with all the essentials that you need to dress well for work and daily life: the perfect white shirts, sophisticated pants, blazers in black and navy blue, well-fitting suits for every season of the year, among others. A wardrobe consultation is a useful service to get this done in a personalized and suitable way.

6. Dress according to your personal brand

You are the image of the company where you work, so your appearance is part of its logo. It all depends on the services and products you offer and the type of potential customers you have. If you work with high-profile clients who wear formal attire, your attire should project that you speak the same language: lace-up shoes, dress shirt and pants and a blazer. However, if your working atmosphere is more relaxed, you can wear a polo shirt or a t-shirt with a blazer. Whether you dress formal or casual, you must project a professional image.

7. Mind your hygiene and grooming

A successful businessman always takes care of his personal appearance and hygiene, which includes your hairstyle, skincare routine, perfume, etc. Sometimes, a man is remembered because of the scent of the cologne he wears. Take care of the details to look flawless and appear more professional and reliable.

A good image opens many doors and creates new opportunities and greater power of influence, which will boost your success. Then, you will easily distinguish yourself from others, projecting a reliable, confident and powerful image. Make your personal and professional image a success tool to make a great impression and reach your goals.

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