How to Treat Stress Related Acne During Social Distancing

Stress Related Acne

Each and every single one of us can probably list a few worries running through our minds causing stress. Times are especially hard now that we are all going through a pandemic that has affected us in our own ways. If you are experiencing stress-related acne, let’s prevent this and have clear skin when we come out of quarantine.


Bring your focus to things that you can accomplish now instead of factors that are out of your control such as constant news about the severity of COVID-19 which can bring anxiety and stress. Find peace of mind in things that can bring you happiness to reduce stress-related hormones.

One way to do that is by taking this time to focus on yourself and boost your self-esteem. SUIT MAKE can help you achieve that by improving your appearance. The saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. We want to help you find a new source of confidence by upgrading your style, strengthening personal branding and enhancing overall well being.


Now that we have cleared your mind, we want to clear your skin. Many of us wear face masks when leaving the house to prevent being exposed to bacteria. We may even re-wear them multiple times due to a shortage of face masks which builds up irritation leading to possible breakouts. This is similar to not washing your face daily.

A quick solution to treat stress-related acne is by using topical products to reduce inflammation and removing dead skin cells to unclog pores and kill bacteria.

Some products we recommend include:


Since we are all practicing social distancing, it is unlikely that we will get the usual facial treatment at our favorite spa. However, we can still maintain a clear complexion and treat stress-related acne at home. Here are steps you can take to start:

Cleanse: Wash away any oils, dirt, and impurities on your skin by using a gentle facial cleanser.
Exfoliate: Remove dead skin cells on your face to let a new layer resurface.

Tone: Balance your skin with hydration and gently pat it into your skin.

Mask: Treat your skin with a face mask targeting your current skin concerns.
Moisturize: Seal in all the nutrients by layering a good moisturizer.

Sunscreen: Wear after a moisturizer, protect your skin from sunspots and wrinkles. Do not let all your hard work go to waste, protect your skin with SPF 50 sunscreen.

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